An Interview with Indie from Rootless Garden

An interview with Rootless Garden

Let me introduce you guys to yet another new column on this blog. I’m going to be interviewing young social entrepreneurs in their 20s. They had an awesome idea to change the world and actually made it work! First up: Indie from Rootless Garden, an awesome initiative for older people.

What was your vision behind founding Rootless Garden?

Our vision is that no older person suffers from being lonely.

My business partner and I started Rootless Garden because of our experience of working in elderly care. We found that many older people were lonely. But, we also found was that those who were a part of a friendship group, a club, or a part of something were happiest. What struck us the most however, was that older people who had regular contact with the outside world, plants, flowers, even indoor plants were so much happier and healthier than those who didn’t.

We started to investigate, and it turns out that there is an entire school of thought based around nature therapy and the wonderful effects that being in contact with nature can have on a person – young and old alike. Nature is so present, but we ignore it, and like loneliness it affects us all beyond what we consciously recognize.

So we thought, why not use nature to fight loneliness amongst older people. And there we have it, Rootless Garden. (more…)

10 Things You Can Do to Make Someone’s Day – in 1 Hour


1. Bake a cake and bring it to your friends or colleagues.

2. Meet over coffee and listen.

3. Call someone who you know is stressed out and take up one task of their to do list.

4. Go grocery shopping for your elderly neighbours/relatives

5. Put up notes with positive affirmations all over town.

6. Send snail mail.

7. Go through your closet, look for pretty pieces you’re not wearing anymore and give them to your friends.

8. Call your mom.

9. Answer all your unanswered messages. I’m not saying it necessarily makes someone’s day if they get a message from me, but it shows appreciation that you are taking the time to respond.

10. Remember birthdays and try doing something small and special.

Community in Modern Times – Canvas Cafe

How to bi

Today I’m happy to introduce you to Ruth, founder of ‘The Canvas’. It’s a café and creative venue in Shoreditch and London’s first ‘Happiness Café’, just round the corner of where I worked in the East End. You can draw on the walls and share your ideas with everyone else visiting, join in for lunchtime yoga or choir fun, discuss TED talks together – it’s pretty much the best thing ever.
I had the pleasure of asking Ruth a few questions and she tells us how it all got started (the Canvas is still pretty fresh!), what struggles she had along the way and answers the most pressing question – is it actually possible to build community in modern big city life? (more…)

Living Simple | 7 (small) things to make somebody’s day

7 Small Things to Make Somebody's Day Today

1 | When you’re at the till, in a taxi or at the coffeeshop, ask the cashier/barista/taxi driver how their day has been so far.

2 | Surprise your housemate’s with a cup of coffee. And not just a cup of coffee, one with foam, a small biscuit, some latte art (?) and the whole sha-bang.

3 | Invite your friends (or family) over for a fancy dinner with starter and dessert. Time to test those Pinterest recipes!

4 | If somebody does something great or looks fabulous that day: Don’t just think it, tell them. (more…)

Our Perfect Date – Emily & Tommy

Our Perfect Date | Emily & Tommy

Good morning! Today I have the pleasure of welcoming one of my dearest blogging pals, Emily, and her husband Tommy on Hanna’s Places. She’s a highly talented photographer and blogger (I love all her posts on travelling) and also recently opened up her own jewellery shop on Etsy! I can’t wait to snatch up my first piece (I have my eyes on this one).

Anyway, Emily is here today to show us, that the perfect date can be quite simple really. I hope it makes you smile as much as me!

When and why did you fall in love?

If you want the exact answer, we met when he was a freshman and I was a junior in college.
We’d both signed up for a 5k marine mud race and carpooled there. He thought I was cute and
forgot about me. I thought he was cute and forgot about him.

Fast forward two years.

I was in Texas, he was at home. I spent my Fridays alone in the office and he hadn’t found a job. Someway or another, one of us online-chatted the other and soon our Friday chats became a thing. I returned home for my last semester of college, and I’d like to say he sealed the deal right there and then. But awkward is as awkward does, and we obliviously danced around each other for a few months until one Thursday night, we sat down for coffee . Amidst raised eyebrows and much sipping, he popped the question, “I’m game for it, if you are?” to which I indignantly replied, “Ask me nicer than that, but yes.”

When people ask how we knew he/she was the one, I never know how to answer that. We fell in love immediately. There’s something so special about being with someone who is an answer to prayers you thought God had forgotten about (as if He could). Someone who puts your needs above their own, someone who is literally your missing puzzle piece.
Above all though, there’s something so special about choosing to love and be with someone, and choosing to love and be with them every day for the rest of your life.

Our Perfect Date | Emily & Tommy on Hanna's Places

What would the perfect date look like for you?

We would probably recreate our first date. We’d wake up early and head to the farmer’s market. I’d pick out some fresh vegetables to cook for us, he’d pick out a bouquet of wildflowers for me.

We’d head down the street to our favorite brunch joint, Gillie’s. Several cups of coffee and hours of conversation later, we’d head back home. We don’t need much, just give us a cup of coffee and each other, and that would be the perfect date.


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