On shopping for three seasons

Shopping for three seasons | Hanna's Places

Today I want share with you a shopping trick my friend Dominika told me about recently: Shopping for three seasons. I really love it and hope you do too! It’s actually the easiest concept: When you buy something new, consider if you would be able to wear it for at least three seasons of the year. This might actually be a concept our moms and grandmas would love as well, ha!

Why shopping for three seasons helps while shopping

I used to hardly ever think about the season when I was at the store. Now that I do though, I’ve already noticed a difference about which items I actually end up buying. For example, I don’t buy flimsy summer dresses anymore, because they only look good on the hottest days of the year, not with a cardigan for example.

In Germany, there are about 5 really hot days each year – definitely not three whole seasons. On my journey of buying only fair fashion pieces that I actually love wearing, this is super helpful. This means there are no more pieces collecting dust in the back of my closet. To help you with this concept, I have listed a few tips on how to actually shop like this.
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Uganda Travel Diary: The arrival

Uganda Travel Diary | Hanna's Places

It’s almost been a month since I returned from Uganda and it’s finally time to share some pictures and stories! Before I say anything else: We had the most amazing time. It was interesting and relaxing, challenging and beautiful. The minute we arrived at Entebbe airport (the only international airport in Uganda I think), we felt like we were in another world with people living such a different life. The curvy unpaved streets, the smells, the colors, everything. A lot of my memories from Kenya 2012 came back!

One of our lovely hosts, Rose, picked us up at the airport and we continued our way to the project. On our way we even passed the Equator! Travel Tip No.1: find someone to pick you up! Getting a taxi or worse the bus is really overwhelming if you’re not aquainted with the culture and only speak English (especially after hours of flying!).

Uganda Travel Diary | Hanna's Places
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Links & Memories 12/52

Hanging out on rooftops | Hanna's Places

Happy Easter weekend! What are you up to for the holidays? Tomorrow will be pretty low-key for me (writing my thesis, yay!), but on Sunday I’ll be going to the Easter vigil with my grandparents and Monday we’ll go hiking the Drachenfels (and hopefully stop for waffles somewhere on our way back). Some more things that’ve been going on/I enjoyed lately…

Last Thursday, I met up with a friend in Cologne and we sat down on the roof, had some lemonade and talked about life. More nights like this again soon please.

Saturday, my dad and I went to Ikea and installed the first few lamps in my new flat (I got this one for the kitchen and I’ve got my eyes set on this one for the bedroom). I’m still not sure what style I’m going for in the living room, do you have any suggestions/great online ressources?

Tuesday, some good friends and I booked our summer holiday! We’re going on a Portugal roadtrip – two days in Porto, two in Lissabon and five on the Algarve coast with a three day surf course! I really can’t wait and again – if you have suggestions for places we shouldn’t miss (or how to surf?), you’re always welcome.

Wednesday, I had a little good-bye party with my ‘knitting gang’ because we’re all moving to different cities (Bonn, Berlin and America!). It was a bit sad, but we’re all so ready for this next step to happen – and of course I’m already planning on going to Berlin asap. We went to a small Japanese place and had the best Ramen soup of my life, so I need to figure out the recipe now.

I started reading Kate’s blog this week and it’s so lovely. Such a good mix of interior, travel and beauty posts, go check it out!

Pearls of Money Wisdom for Twenty-Something Year Olds. Yes please.

Always remember.

The latest episode of the Curious Minds Podcast was on Deep Work and concentration and so interesting! If you’re interested in better working habits etc, this one is for you.

Last but not least, I finished reading Zeitoun today and it’s such a good book. It’s a (true) story about a family during Hurricane Katrina and both compelling and infuriating.

My 4 favourite spring trends 2016

Four Spring Trends 2016 in Fair Fashion Pieces

It’s officially spring time! Well, at least according to the calendar – looking outside I won’t say good-bye to my winter coat anytime soon. Either way, it’s time to think about freshening up my wardrobe – with ethical fashion, of course! Looking back at the fashion pins I pinned recently (anybody else does that?), there are a few common themes running through. So here goes, my favourite spring trends 2016:


Let’s be honest: This is more of a spring, summer, autumn, winter trend for me. I’ve included them anyway because there’s always new (and slightly different) pieces each season. The People Tree collection is especially gorgeous and I have my eyes on this dress and this shirt.

Metallic trainers

This is one of those “trends” that I kind of hated when I saw it in the online shops for the first time, but after seeing so many stylish girls on the street (and on Pinterest) rocking a great metallic shoe, I can’t wait to get my own pair! I’ll probably get these Veja trainers in silver soon (also available in gold) and I’m picturing myself wearing them with black office trousers and maybe a white blouse.

Tennis shoes

This however is a shoe trend I’ve loved for years – and again, Veja has the best pair: Get in my closet real soon!


The ethical jeans market is getting better every season! Armed Angels has some lovely dungarees that I might just be brave enough to try this year and there’s also some nice mom jeans (!) out at the moment. I’m so sick of skinny jeans at the moment and really craving some alternatives, what about you? Btw, did you know that you can also ‘lease’ jeans from Mud Jeans (if you don’t want to invest in one more pair right away) – pretty cool!

What about you? What’s on your (ethical) fashion wish list this season?

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Picture of me by Helena Rae/Newfound.



Interiors on my mind

Interiors on my mind

As I’ve told you in my last post, I’m moving to a new city really soon. It’s ging to be the first flat, that I’ll get to decorate exactly as I wish and I’m excited! I got the keys to the place yesterday and it’s so b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l – hardwood floors, lots of white, lots of natural light to have fun with (above is one of the first snaps of the living room). I’m really looking forward to decorating everything and making it Pinterest pretty, hehe. Of course I’ll take most of the furniture I already own with me but I just ordered this rug yesterday which is kind of the colour scheme and vibe I’m going for (along with this). I hope that I find the time to take you guys along on the decorating journey because interior/before-after blog posts are the ones I enjoy the most at the moment. Some DIY’s, some shopping guides, some ideas on how to live energy-sufficient and (almost) waste-free. There’s gonna be lots of blogging opportunities again :)

Do you have any favourite online interior sites at the moment? Or tips for simple living?

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