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Hi there, my name is Hanna. Nice to meet you!

I’m a 20-something currently living in Bonn, Germany. Working as an online editor by day, this blog is my way of doing what I love while focusing on the topics I truly care about.

About the blog

Hanna’s Places is a blog I started in 2013 to document my journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. Now, more than five years later, that’s still pretty much what this space is about. In my opinion, changing your habits for the better only works if you take baby steps.

On this blog, I talk about the different kinds of tiny steps all of us can take towards a more sustainable future, every single day. They don’t have to change the world in an instant. One of the biggest misconceptions about sustainable, slow living is that it has to be all or nothing. It’s far better to do your best, even if it’s not perfect, than to give up before even starting.

The scene of people making a change in the world, starting fair fashion labels or making their ideas a reality is getting better and better. I love to put a spotlight on these changemakers and hopefully introduce you to new labels and ideas that you’ll love just as much as me.

About me

I grew up in a small town in Western Germany, before studying Social Sciences at the university in Dusseldorf. These days I’m at home in Bonn, but still day-dream about different lifes in foreign places whenever I’m traveling. When I’m at home, you’ll most likely find me sitting at a coffee shop with a book or around the kitchen table with all of my favourite people.

I hope you find stories of adventure and hope in the pages of this blog. I wish to inspire you (even though that’s such a cliché nowadays) to go through the world with open eyes and an open heart. If you’d like to chat or would like to collaborate, feel free connect! I can’t wait to get to know you.

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Hanna's Places - a green lifestyle blog

Hanna’s Places is a green lifestyle magazine written by Hanna Ulatowski. It’s all about slowing down in a fast-paced society and finding ways to live a more sustainable, simple lifestyle.

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