A dream of living in the country

Dream of living in the country

Sometimes, especially around this time of year, I dream of living in the country. Being surrounded by nature, a life that’s slow and heavily influenced by the seasons. I dream of going on long morning walks along secluded corn fields and having coffee on my porch. There would be chickens roaming around and most definitely a huge vegetable garden. I would eat seasonal food from the backyard and have dinner with the village folk.

I love being in the city as well, don’t get me wrong. I like having coffee shops around and the hustle and bustle of people around. But I wonder…

Into the country

The other day, I picked up a book that sparked that dream even further. It’s called “Raus aufs Land” by Niklas Kämpargard, a journalist and country kid from Sweden (imagine living in the Swedish countryside!). I probably can’t use most of the tips in there since you most definitely need a garden. Still, it gave me a lot of ideas to get more country living into my daily life.
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5 autumn goals for October

5 October goals to make most of autumn

Horray, my favourite month is almost here! To me, autumn is probably the best time of the year. Everything is colorful, it’s cosy to be inside but there’s still some warm days, I love it. Fresh apples, tea, sweaters, scarves, cardigans and books – bring it on! While September was all about taking it slow, reducing and cleaning up, in October I’m ready for full on autumn.

Go hiking

There are so many gorgeous trails around where I live and this is the time to visit them before winter rolls around. I really loved being outside so much on the Isle of Jersey, so I am ready to put on my hiking boots again.

Bake some bread

There’s something so cosy and relaxed about baking your own bread, isn’t there? I’ve got a few recipes bookmarked and I’m looking forward to slow autumn mornings with a fresh loaf of bread in the oven (and that heavenly scent!).
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Hello again + some September goals

5 slow living goals for September

Hello, hello. Seems like I dissappeared for a while! I have taken a little (at first unintentional) blogging break over the summer. At the beginning of June, I felt a little bit drained from the internet/social media and simply just wanted to sit in the sun and enjoy summer. Well, since nobody is actually ‘making me’  blog, I did exactly that and it was wonderful. Now, with a well-rested brain and autumn (my favourite season) approaching, I really look forward to writing again. It’s just a lot nicer with a cup of tea and the rain outside, isn’t it? Let’s start again with the goals I set myself this September – and tell me how you’ve all been doing this summer!

Go on evening walks again

In Spring, I got really good at taking a little walk everyday after dinner. Put a podcast on, walk to the Rhine, maybe take my camera with me – simple as that. It’s really relaxing and at least some kind of movement since I practically don’t exercise. Somehow this habit slipped, so I’m hoping to re-introduce it into my daily routine.

Spend (almost) no money on me

I really want to start saving money again, so I’m putting myself on a little shopping fast. I’m by no means a regular shopper, but fair fashion is expensive and I can never say no to a new book or a cute plant. So this month, I solely want to spend money on groceries, gifts for others or nice experiences.
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5 slow living goals for July

5 slow living goals for july

June is over already, can you believe it? For me, it’s been a good month with a few short holidays and the most beautiful sunny weather. I’ve started running again and spend my weekends in the sun. Not too bad! Now July’s here, my birthday month – I turn 24 in only a week. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to make July a month to strive for slow living goals. I want to implement a few habits I should have started practising already and refocus on my goals for the year. But first, let’s recap my June goals:

Have a vegan day

This totally worked! I actually realised how much of what I eat is vegan anyway, so on days I wasn’t eating out/with friends a vegan day was no problem at all.

Switch off for one day a week

No comment. This didn’t happen at all. Maybe next month?
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5 sustainable June goals

5 sustainable june goalsHey guys, June is around the corner! Can you believe it? I feel that 2017 is slipping by in a second, wasn’t Christmas just last week? After lots of travel in April and May, I’ll actually be home in Bonn all month. I set myself a few sustainable June goals and challenges. I can’t wait for summer to finally arrive and this is the perfect time to slow down and just enjoy.

Turn my home into an urban jungle

I want to take nature inside and decorate with plants instead of plastic. At the moment I only have one ponytail palm and a tiny cactus in my apartment. This needs to change, so I will definitely head to the nursery a couple of times this month.

Go offline for one day of the week

I’ve wanted to start doing this for ages! For one day of the week, probably Sunday, I want to switch off my phone, computer, everything with a screen. I’ve been glued to my laptop lately (guilty!), so this will hopefully give me some headspace again. And save energy as well, of course ;)
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