5 January goals to set the tone for 2018

January goals to set the tone for 2018Hello there and happy 2018!

How has the new year treated you so far? I am still on my Christmas holiday (returning to work on Monday) so I haven’t done much besides reading books and cuddling up inside. And set myself some goals, of course. Despite the weather, January is actually one of my favourite months. The feeling of having a blank new slate, a whole new year stretching out before me is so motivating to make the best of my days. Don’t you agree?

Send out my first newsletter

After toying with the idea for ages, I finally set up a newsletter! If you are up for some slow living news, interesting articles from around the internet or fair fashion items very high on my wishlist, you can sign up now. The link is in my sidebar. I’d love to have you!
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5 fun goals for November

5 fun November goals

November is here, the year is almost over. For me, November has always been kind of a ‚in-between‘ month. It’s too early to get in the Christmas spirit, but the beautiful parts of autumn are over, too. The weather is mostly grey and dark, with no snow in sight yet. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some elements about November I appreciate! It’s very cosy to be inside and at least – Christmas is almost there.

This year, I want to make a conscious effort to enjoy November as well. I don’t want to get down because of the grey and cold weather. For me, this also means saying no to spending all my time on Netflix and yes to new activities and other people. I tried to reflect this with a couple of fun goals.

Start weaving

I’ve enjoyed looking at the beautiful weavings all over Instagram and Pinterest for a while now. Since it sounds like a fun and easy hobby, I’ve decided to make it my new winter hobby to try. Last year it was calligraphy, two years ago candle-making, now I’ll try weaving. If any of you have any great tips about material, tutorials etc., please let me know!

Get a headstart on my Christmas presents

This year, I don’t want to buy my Christmas presents at the very last minute. Instead, I want to try and make more presents myself again (I already got an idea or two) and put a lot of thought into each of it. That’s why I want to start now, before December comes around (which I want to spend mainly baking cookies and drinkig spiked cider). I’d love to get together with my friends for a few crafting sessions, but we’ll see if that works out!

Make sauerkraut

In Germany, sauerkraut is a real simple meal most people eat at their grandma’s. In the past few month though, I’ve seen it pop up all over my social media feeds as a new and healthy ’superfood‘. I’ve also seen a couple of different recipes to make it yourself. Since I’ve never fermented food before and it sounds both interesting and a little scary, I was intrigued. I’ve settled on one recipe I am going to try and really hope it works out. Wish me luck!

Thankful November

Apart from all the crazy/sad things happening in the world lately, 2017 has been a really great year for me personally. I went on a few different and really nice trips, found a new church and a new home in Bonn. I had some fun little opportunities because of this blog, met new friends and my relationships got better as well. Normally, I do this kind of reflecting at the end of the year. I just thought it would be nice to express some extra thankfulness during a month when it’s not that easy to be thankful every day.

Take care of my body

I don’t mean this in a diet kind of way, but in a ‚try to feel healthy and good‘ kind of way. This time of year, it gets a little bit harder to get out of bed in the morning, it’s harder to eat healthy or go outside and move around. I want to give my best to still act in a healthy way, so even if the weather and the light conditions aren’t ideal, I will feel awake and good, not sluggish.

There you have it, my November goals! I am actually quite looking forward to this month, and if I manage to act on all these ideas, it should definitely be a fun one. Did you set any goals for the next four weeks?

A dream of living in the country

Dream of living in the country

Sometimes, especially around this time of year, I dream of living in the country. Being surrounded by nature, a life that’s slow and heavily influenced by the seasons. I dream of going on long morning walks along secluded corn fields and having coffee on my porch. There would be chickens roaming around and most definitely a huge vegetable garden. I would eat seasonal food from the backyard and have dinner with the village folk.

I love being in the city as well, don’t get me wrong. I like having coffee shops around and the hustle and bustle of people around. But I wonder…

Into the country

The other day, I picked up a book that sparked that dream even further. It’s called „Raus aufs Land“ by Niklas Kämpargard, a journalist and country kid from Sweden (imagine living in the Swedish countryside!). I probably can’t use most of the tips in there since you most definitely need a garden. Still, it gave me a lot of ideas to get more country living into my daily life.
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5 autumn goals for October

5 October goals to make most of autumn

Horray, my favourite month is almost here! To me, autumn is probably the best time of the year. Everything is colorful, it’s cosy to be inside but there’s still some warm days, I love it. Fresh apples, tea, sweaters, scarves, cardigans and books – bring it on! While September was all about taking it slow, reducing and cleaning up, in October I’m ready for full on autumn.

Go hiking

There are so many gorgeous trails around where I live and this is the time to visit them before winter rolls around. I really loved being outside so much on the Isle of Jersey, so I am ready to put on my hiking boots again.

Bake some bread

There’s something so cosy and relaxed about baking your own bread, isn’t there? I’ve got a few recipes bookmarked and I’m looking forward to slow autumn mornings with a fresh loaf of bread in the oven (and that heavenly scent!).
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Hello again + some September goals

5 slow living goals for September

Hello, hello. Seems like I dissappeared for a while! I have taken a little (at first unintentional) blogging break over the summer. At the beginning of June, I felt a little bit drained from the internet/social media and simply just wanted to sit in the sun and enjoy summer. Well, since nobody is actually ‚making me‘  blog, I did exactly that and it was wonderful. Now, with a well-rested brain and autumn (my favourite season) approaching, I really look forward to writing again. It’s just a lot nicer with a cup of tea and the rain outside, isn’t it? Let’s start again with the goals I set myself this September – and tell me how you’ve all been doing this summer!

Go on evening walks again

In Spring, I got really good at taking a little walk everyday after dinner. Put a podcast on, walk to the Rhine, maybe take my camera with me – simple as that. It’s really relaxing and at least some kind of movement since I practically don’t exercise. Somehow this habit slipped, so I’m hoping to re-introduce it into my daily routine.

Spend (almost) no money on me

I really want to start saving money again, so I’m putting myself on a little shopping fast. I’m by no means a regular shopper, but fair fashion is expensive and I can never say no to a new book or a cute plant. So this month, I solely want to spend money on groceries, gifts for others or nice experiences.
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