A dream of living in the country

Dream of living in the country

Sometimes, especially around this time of year, I dream of living in the country. Being surrounded by nature, a life that’s slow and heavily influenced by the seasons. I dream of going on long morning walks along secluded corn fields and having coffee on my porch. There would be chickens roaming around and most definitely a huge vegetable garden. I would eat seasonal food from the backyard and have dinner with the village folk.

I love being in the city as well, don’t get me wrong. I like having coffee shops around and the hustle and bustle of people around. But I wonder…

Into the country

The other day, I picked up a book that sparked that dream even further. It’s called „Raus aufs Land“ by Niklas Kämpargard, a journalist and country kid from Sweden (imagine living in the Swedish countryside!). I probably can’t use most of the tips in there since you most definitely need a garden. Still, it gave me a lot of ideas to get more country living into my daily life.

This autumn, I want to go out and smell the country air on the weekends. I want to make my own marmalade and maybe some sauerkraut too. Kampargard listed some tips to cure your little sicknesses with nature and I want to try that too. I might not get to have my own chickens anytime soon, but I can go still feel connected to the country around here.

I want to learn more about where my food comes from and make even more myself. Maybe that’s my autumn heart speaking, but I can’t wait to be in the kitchen making breads and cakes and chutneys. Reading books instead of streaming Netflix. I believe we all have a desire to slow down and this season, I want to fully embrace it.

Do you sometimes dream of getting out of the city and back into nature?


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