Cooking seasonally (+ two cookbook tips!)

My favourite tips for cooking seasonal

One of the biggest changes I’ve made to my habits lately is cooking more seasonally. Eating strawberries in December doesn’t actually taste good and it doesn’t do the environment any good. Instead, isn’t it much nicer to enjoy foods right when they are in season here at home? Even better, get them fresh from the farmers market?

I must admit, I’m not perfect at eating only seasonal food. I jump at the first raspberries in March and quite enjoy eating tomatoes all year round (I know). Still, it’s not about being perfect, so here are a few habits I have adopted and my favourite cookbooks to help me with it.

Get in the right spirit

Instead of thinking about all the fruit and veg you can’t eat, dream about new dishes for each season. Think about that berry compote with ice cream in summer, fresh apple tart on a crisp autumn day or a hearty stew in winter. This way, you can concentrate on all the great new stuff you get to eat soon and actually get excited about it. Eating that first orange in winter when it gets cold outside tastes so much better than just eating it all year round.

 Look at a seasonal calendar

Just google „What’s in season“ and you will find tons of them. Make sure you take one that’s for your region/country and your set for the next month!

Plan your recipes

After looking at the calendar, find some recipes you can try with your new seasonal goodies. This way, you can truly enjoy the season, try something new and have a great new repertoire of seasonal recipes. I love to sit down with my cookbooks at the beginning of the month and bookmark new favourites. It’s such a cosy tradition and really makes me appreciate the seasons even more.
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My 3 favourite vegetarian cookbooks

My 3 favourite vegetarian cookbooks

Some of you might know, but I have been a vegetarian for about two years now. I don’t really miss eating meat and I love getting creative in the kitchen to make beautiful veggie meals. One thing I did miss at first though was buying beautiful cookbooks. It didn’t really make sense when more than half of the meals were based on meat or fish. Gladly, I found a few beautiful (and yummy) vegetarian cookbooks as well. Today, I want to share my favourites with you!

My favourite vegetarian cookbooks

The everyday cookbook: Vegetarisch mit Liebe

My three favourite vegetarian cookbooks: the love and lemons cookbook

I adore this cookbook. I have already tried a lot of the recipes in there (because they actually use normal ingredients) and everything has been delicious so far. Examples are strawberry caprese or homemade pizza with pear and peaches.

By the way, this cookbook doesn’t use the ususal categories like starter, main course, dessert but it categorises the recipes by vegetable. There’s a chapter on apples, a chapter on avocado and so on. I love it because you can actually look at what you have and make something delicious with it.

I highly recommend this cookbook to anyone who actually wants to try the recipes and not just look at pretty pictures! In Germany, it’s published by the Südwest Verlag and can be bought over here.
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Raspberry Milk for Summer

The Best Raspberry Shake Recipe
Oh, raspberry milk, how I love you. Every year once summer comes around I get an unsatiable appetite for milkshakes in every variation. Just imagine this: It’s summer and it’s hot outside. It is so warm that even the thought of eating a proper meal just feels wrong. It’s the weekend, so you have the whole day to yourself with nowhere to be and nothing to do. You sit outside in the hammock with a good book and relaxed music playing. Can it get even more perfect? Well, there’s only one thing missing: A refreshing raspberry milk shake in your hand!

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a refreshing raspberry milk shake. I have tried and tested this recipe over many many summers, failed a couple of times, but almost always loved the outcome. With or without banana (without banana the drink is definitely more refreshing), with honey or powdered sugar, with lemon juice or lime juice – I have tried everything. This recipe here is probably not the last version of my favourite summer drink, but it’s definitely the best I have found so far.

Refreshing Raspberry Milk for Summer

Serves 2 to 4.

500 millilitres Milk
1 dash Vanilla or Cinnamon (or both!)
150 grams Quark/Curd (or yoghurt)
1 teaspoon Lemon Juice
250 grams Frozen Raspberry’s
1 tablespoon sugar

Since this is a shake, there aren’t too many instructions! Just add everything to your mixer and enjoy. This is a really thick milkshake, so if you prefer it a little bit more ‚drinkable‘, just add more milk or water.

PS: If you’re looking for even more great summer recipes, head on over to my Pinterest. I pinned tons more dessert recipes over there, if you’re interested!

Do you have a favourite raspberry milk shake recipe? Or just a great milkshake you could drink every year? Link your recipe in the comments, I would love to try it!



2015-03-Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-food-fries-street-food-sauce-forks-cornet-BXL-Sarah-Babineau (1)

Starting my internship and working full-time has been wonderful and exhausting at the same time. One of the things that definitely took the back burner: Cooking and proper lunch food. So after going out for lunch every day (definitely too expensive) or living off Tesco ready-made soups for a few weeks, it was time to start having meal preparation evenings (usually for the next 2/3 days), save some money and still have a little bit of diversity.

By the way, a little veggie update: I’m still going strong and living completely vegetarian! I’ve never managed to actually stick to it for such a long time (without the smallest exceptions) and to be honest, I’ve never craved meat so much before in my life (not even in the non-vegetarian days). It’s always the things you can’t have, I guess? I’m too happy about being strong and not giving in to give up now though, so all is good (and I hope the cravings will soon dissappear).

So here we go, my favourite filling, make-ahead meals, that can easily be reheated in the microwave or eaten cold. As environmental living is a thing on this blog, all the recipes use ingredients that are in season at the moment (also because I’m way too broke to afford vegetables that arent‘ ;).


I normally make enough for two meals, so it’s actually worth cooking, but I don’t have to eat the same thing for a week.

Sweet Potato Detox Soup | Broccoli Detox Soup | Quick Red Lentil Curry


In winter I don’t really enjoy cold, lettuce salads, but those with quinoa/grains? Whole other story.

Restart Salad

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Food | Favourite Recipes in September

My favourite recipes in September | Picture Monstruo Estudio/Unsplash

Over the past few weeks here in Scotland, I’ve started trying a lot of the recipes I’ve been pinning on Pinterest (instead of just having a pretty picture collection). My flat is ‚only‘ student accomodation, but the kitchen is big and amazing and it’s real fun working in there (even though my utensils practically consist of a spoon and two pots). I’ve tested quite a few recipes so far, some have been great and absolutely delicious, others not so much. Either way, most of the combinations were something I would have never thought of trying before.

Since I know some of you are cooks (and Pinterest-users ;) as well, here’s a little selection of my favourite recipes in September:

Pear Pizza with Fried Sage (I used dried sage instead of fresh and fried – still tasted amazing)

Healthy Chicken Enchiladas

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