Super/Food – How to fight the flu

Super/Food | How to fight the flu on Hanna's Places

Hi, all! Are you all enjoying the Spring weather we have at the moment?
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Super/Food – Citrus Fruits

Super/Food - LimesSuper/Food - Oranges

Citrus fruits. Oranges, lemons, limes… – there’s no other food that makes me think of Christmas time and winter finally arriving as the first clementines of the year.
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Super/Food – Carrots

super/food - carrots | Hanna's Places

This week’s super food is also one of my favourite vegetables ever – the carrot.
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Super/Food – Apples (and a recipe!)


Growing up, I didn’t really care for apples.
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Super/Food – Broccoli


Does anybody know the saying: Chocolate is God’s excuse for broccoli?
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Super/Food – Eat More Quinoa

Quinoa is the absolute super/food, let's see why!

Quinoa. You’ve probably seen it around the food and health blogs for a while.
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Super/Food – Walnuts

super food walnuts

Today is officially the first day of autumn.
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Super/Food – Eat more Plums

why plums are so good for you and a recipe

You can’t deny it, autumn is here to stay.
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