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Today is officially the first day of autumn. The season of leaves on the ground, knits, hot chocolate and cozy evenings has finally begun. And every year with the beginning of fall, my appetite for nuts increases again. I know that you can technically eat them all year round, but somehow they seem to taste better when it’s cold outside, don’t you think? There’s an event in Germany called St.Martin, when kids go round the houses, singing songs and asking for sweets (something like Halloween without the scary stuff) and you always get enough walnuts and peanuts to last the cold months. Having them as a snack once home – freezing – is definitely a fond childhood memory of mine.

So, apart from nostalgia – why am I dedicating a whole post to (wal-)nuts? Well, if you are reading any kind of women’s magazines from time to time, you probably know that nuts are small health wonders, walnuts in particular. They contain a special form of vitamin E, which is extremely helpful for preventing all kinds of heart diseases on top of slowing down the aging process. They are also a rich source of omega-3 fats (even more than fish!), further promoting the health of your heart.

Walnuts are one of the so-called brain foods and have a really positive effect on your nervous system. Its vitamins and proteins are said to help you concentrate better and also reduce any kind of stress symptoms. That makes them extra important in the months leading up to Christmas ;)

Why don’t you try and get some this week? You can eat them on their own, put them into your oatmeal in the morning (I loove porridge with honey and chopped walnuts), make some yummy salad (lamb’s salad with some canned tangerines for example), the possibilities are endless. One especially delicious recipe of mine is coming tomorrow…

Do you like eating nuts in the fall? What are your favourites? I (obviously) like walnuts, peanuts and pistachios :)




  • Irela
    September 23, 2013


    I usually eat nuts all year round. I’m particularly fond of walnuts and almonds myself!

    • hanna
      September 23, 2013


      I must admit the thing I love most about almonds is marzipan…that’s not too healthy though…;)

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