Know the Origin for Fall

Know the Origin on Hanna's Places

It’s a new season, so of course, it’s time for new outfits and fashion posts too! This fall, I really want to only add new pieces to my closet, that I will definitely love. Pieces that look different to what I normally wear but that still fit in with my normal wardrobe. Enter: my new fall dress.

The dress

This dress is out of my comfort zone for two reasons: It’s form-fitting and it’s midi-length. Two things I normally don’t wear and exactly the reasons why I love this dress. Like probably most women, I tend to buy the same thing over and over again (striped shirts, I’m looking at you). So now and again, I try to add something to my wardrobe that’s a little different.

One example for that is this dress. It doesn’t look like anything that I already own, but I can easily combine it with the rest of my wardrobe. Also, it’s super-comfy (hello, Fairtrade and organic cotton) and can easily be styled with sneakers and a big cardigan to be even more cosy. I’m definitely in love. What’s even better, the dress is from a fair fashion label I only recently discovered called Know the Origin.
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Culotte in Chinatown

Wearing my culotte in Chinatown - Outfit Post

Hey Culotte

While in London last month, I met up with old and new friends alike. We walked all over town, had some coffee and of course I grabbed the chance to take some outfit pictures. I found this culotte at a vintage store in Leiden, one of a few great purchases I made there. To be honest, culotte trousers are a little bit out of my comfort zone. I usually don’t venture far from my trusted skinny jeans or skirts. Anything that’s midi or well, a culotte, hasn’t made it’s way into my closet yet.
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Kleiderrebell in Berlin

Kleiderrebell in Berlin

Have you guys heard of Kleiderrebell yet? It’s pretty cool: Instead of buying new clothes, you can borrow them on their homepage. You can keep them as long as you want and only have to pay a monthly fee for every item. I’ve wanted to try it for ages and a few weeks ago, I finally grabbed the chance!

Shortly before the seasons change, I often get really bored with my closet. I feel like I’ve been wearing the same five outfits for weeks on end and just crave a change. Also, I really wanted to have something nice to wear on my weekend in Berlin. So this time, instead of investing in new fair fashion pieces, I borrowed a few from the Kleiderrebell page.
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Ready for Spring

dreaming of spring

I’m ready for Spring. I want to sit outside again, enjoy a drink with friends or read a book and not wear 10 layers of clothes. I’m in Paris at the moment (as you might have seen on my Instagram) and the sun was out almost everyday – it feels like bliss.

What I’m looking forward to this Spring

+ Going on city trips. For some reason, Spring is the perfect season for that! Winter is too cold, summer too hot and in autumn I just like to get cosy at home. Do you have any fun trips planned this season? I’m going to the Netherlands and London (finally, again!).

+ New outfits! Every year by the end of March I get really bored with my wardrobe and wearing coats all the time. Now that Spring is here I’m ready to mix it up again! I’m dreaming of fair fashion outfits like the one above: Blush Veja sneakers, a mom jeans, a light blouse and sun glasses.

+ Filling my house with plants. I only own a few succulents, but I really want to fill my house with more flowers and plants. I’ve started reading up on which plants are good for your room climate and a trip to the store is in order very soon.

+ Getting out my bike again! I’ve been lazy all winter and have taken the train, but it’s actually so much nicer to take my bike along the Rhine river and workout without even noticing.

+ Visiting new restaurants, cafés, shops, you name it. I don’t really feel like going out to new places in winter – it always feels like the day is over as soon as the sun sets at 6 pm. Now that Spring is around again, I’m ready to work on my list of places to see around Bonn and Cologne. Any tips where to go if you’re a local?

+ I scream ice cream. I didn’t eat nearly enough ice cream last year – that has to change this year ;) There’s a great shop just around the corner from my home and I went only once so far!

+ Sitting in the park reading books. For some reason, reading is even more fun while sitting outside, right? And you get the added bonus of (a hint of a) tan as well. On my reading list I have the new Jami Attenberg novel and a few collections of essays.

+ Flea markets. Obviously.

What are you looking forward to this Spring? Any fun plans?

Waiting for summer with People Tree

Waiting for summer with People Tree: A fair fashion outfit on Hanna's Places

Hey People Tree, I’m ready for summer!

Over here in Germany, summer doesn’t want to join us this summer. It’s rainy, it’s cold, the weather is changing daily. I’m still waiting for a chance to get out my shorts and summer dresses. Until then, dressing means layers, layers, layers. As you know, I’m not the biggest fan of super-hot days either, but T-shirt weather would be much appreciated. Gladly, People Tree stocks the right clothes for this weather: Easy to layer up and still light-weight enough to make you feel at least a bit summery.

On one of the few warm, but still kind of rainy days we already had a lot of this year, Birte and I headed out for some pizza and outfit photos. Since it was my first time shooting pictures in Bonn, I was definitely a bit nervous! Our Old Town is full of cute little houses and hidden alleys, so it’s perfect for outfit shots in my opinion. I’m really looking forward to exploring this city and finding more spots soon.
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