How to find key pieces for your wardrobe

How to find key pieces for your wardrobe (Kleiderrebell in Berlin)

After sharing my autumn key pieces with you last week, I wanted to put together a post on how I put together my list of key items. It definitely took me a little trial and error. Since I started shopping with a better sense of what my wardrobe needs, it definitely got easier though. I hope this helps you to find new items you love and reduce the clutter in your wardrobe!


This is the inspiration part of finding new key pieces, so naturally the first step in the key piece journey. If you haven’t already, start putting together Pinterest boards with outfit inspiration. I have one for autumn/winter, one for spring/summer and one that fits all seasons. Ones you pinned enough pictures on there, you’re very likely going to see a pattern. What kind of outfits are you bookmarking again and again? Why do you like them? For example, if you find yourself pinning pictures of mom jeans again and again and you don’t own any – maybe it’s time to start looking for great ethical mom jeans.

Look at what you own already

Before looking for new key pieces to buy, first look at what you already own and love. What do you wear over and over again? What’s the cut, what kind of material does the piece have? I’m not saying you should get something new exactly like it – that would kind of defy the meaning of a minimal wardrobe.

Instead, I believe that it helps you to know what you feel great in. For example, if you really like wearing midi-dresses but you only own a floaty summer dress, maybe it’s time to invest in a winter midi-dress as well.
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My key pieces for autumn 2017

My autumn 2017 key pieces

I’ve talked about it on this blog (and on Instagram) millions of times, you all feel it in the air: autumn is here. Naturally, I am very excited about that! One of the many reasons why is probably, that I truly love autumn fashion. I have been on a little shopping fast this September, but I have already started planning what I might buy for the season ahead. I’m looking for beautiful pieces, that I will wear throughout winter and probably our cold German spring as well.

As inspiration, I really loved reading Lisa’s post on her summer key pieces this year, so I thought I’d share my favourite pieces with you as well. I want to get new items that go well with each other and I think I’ve managed to find a great autumn capsule wardrobe.

A turtleneck sweater

I am always cold. Thus, I am very excited about the fact that turtlenecks are back in fashion. I really love them styled with a small gold necklace and a low ponytail. I will probably get this one from JAN ‚N JUNE. Btw, their current A/W collection is absolutely beautiful, I could probably get every single piece.

Apart from the turtle neck sweater, I currently have my eyes on this turtle neck dress. What do you think?

A checkered blazer

I actually already found a really great one on Kleiderkreisel last year. I just haven’t worn it yet because it’s a little big on the shoulders and does. not. look. great. So, I simply need to get around to taking it to the tailor! That shouldn’t be to difficult, but as I said, I bought it last year. I can’t wait to pair it with a white t-shirt and jeans, such a simple yet elegant look.

Wide-legged trousers

So, I need your fashion advice. I definitely have my eyes on a great pair of wide legged trousers this seasons, maybe these ones. But! How do you actually style them? What kind of shoes do you wear with wide legged trousers? In all the pictures I see they are worn with summer shoes, without socks or anything and that’s simply too cold. Any autumn wear fashion tips?
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Everlasting Apparel – die konsumentin

Everlasting Apparel with die konsumentin

Today I am very happy to introduce you to Anna and Esther from Kunstkinder Mag! They are a super-fashionable duo from Hamburg and also know quite a lot about fair fashion. If you ever think that ethical fashion is out of style and just hoodies and t-shirts, head over to their site. They actually just launched a new and exciting project, die konsumentin, an online magazine for stylish yet sustainable women. It’s beautiful, you’ll see.
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Know the Origin for Fall

Know the Origin on Hanna's Places

It’s a new season, so of course, it’s time for new outfits and fashion posts too! This fall, I really want to only add new pieces to my closet, that I will definitely love. Pieces that look different to what I normally wear but that still fit in with my normal wardrobe. Enter: my new fall dress.

The dress

This dress is out of my comfort zone for two reasons: It’s form-fitting and it’s midi-length. Two things I normally don’t wear and exactly the reasons why I love this dress. Like probably most women, I tend to buy the same thing over and over again (striped shirts, I’m looking at you). So now and again, I try to add something to my wardrobe that’s a little different.

One example for that is this dress. It doesn’t look like anything that I already own, but I can easily combine it with the rest of my wardrobe. Also, it’s super-comfy (hello, Fairtrade and organic cotton) and can easily be styled with sneakers and a big cardigan to be even more cosy. I’m definitely in love. What’s even better, the dress is from a fair fashion label I only recently discovered called Know the Origin.
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Everlasting Apparel – Allison Karaba

In my opinion, one of the great merits of social media is that it connects you with like-minded people from all over the world. One of them is Allison Karaba. She is a blogger and capsule wardrobe hero and we met on Instagram a few months ago. Yay, 21st century! I truly love her simple and beautiful style, so I’m really happy she agreed to take part in Everlasting Apparel. Have fun getting to know her and find out more about her everlasting piece.

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I currently live in Chicago, IL with my husband and two fur baby kitties. I have been working in the media advertising industry for about five years but am toying around with some ideas for a career change :) I’ve always loved fashion and was introduced to capsule living/slow fashion about two years ago. I purchased a book on fashion sustainability and it has become a passion project ever since. I also like to read, consume unhealthy amounts of Mac & Cheese and I love plants but can’t keep anything alive!
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