How to find key pieces for your wardrobe

How to find key pieces for your wardrobe (Kleiderrebell in Berlin)

After sharing my autumn key pieces with you last week, I wanted to put together a post on how I put together my list of key items. It definitely took me a little trial and error. Since I started shopping with a better sense of what my wardrobe needs, it definitely got easier though. I hope this helps you to find new items you love and reduce the clutter in your wardrobe!


This is the inspiration part of finding new key pieces, so naturally the first step in the key piece journey. If you haven’t already, start putting together Pinterest boards with outfit inspiration. I have one for autumn/winter, one for spring/summer and one that fits all seasons. Ones you pinned enough pictures on there, you’re very likely going to see a pattern. What kind of outfits are you bookmarking again and again? Why do you like them? For example, if you find yourself pinning pictures of mom jeans again and again and you don’t own any – maybe it’s time to start looking for great ethical mom jeans.

Look at what you own already

Before looking for new key pieces to buy, first look at what you already own and love. What do you wear over and over again? What’s the cut, what kind of material does the piece have? I’m not saying you should get something new exactly like it – that would kind of defy the meaning of a minimal wardrobe.

Instead, I believe that it helps you to know what you feel great in. For example, if you really like wearing midi-dresses but you only own a floaty summer dress, maybe it’s time to invest in a winter midi-dress as well.

Key pieces don’t have to be boring

When looking at ‘capsule wardrobes’ or thinking about having key pieces for your wardrobe, a lot of people think those have to be boring and very basic. To a certain extent, that might be true. It’s definitely a lot easier to wear a beige trenchcoat with lots of different pieces than a pink and furry one. Nevertheless, if you really like wearing pink and furry clothing, go for the coat! It will only turn into a key piece if you like wearing it over and over again.

For me, one of my favourite pieces of clothing is a white teddy coat from JAN ‘N JUNE. It’s not basic, but I really love it so I’m wearing it over and over again. Same with the Kleiderrebell coat I’m wearing in the picture above. It’s not a boring piece, but I liked it a lot so it turned into a key piece for me.

Sleep about it

I’ve written a whole article on this topic, but I thought I’d mention it over here as well: Try to avoid buying things immediately. Sleep about it, consider whether a new piece you might like now fits in with your current wardrobe. Is it only a seasonal piece or something you might wear for much longer? Is it durable? Why exactly do you like it? After enough consideration, go ahead and buy it.

Choose the right size

Last but not least, after you found a piece you like and slept about it, this is an essential step before crossing the finish line: Buy the right size! Not an item that’s slightly too small because you’re just about to eat healthier and lose a few pounds. Not an item that’s too big but you just like it so much. If an item doesn’t fit properly right when you’re buying it, it doesn’t go into your shopping cart. Choose another size that fits better or look for something else, if there’s only one size.

If a new item doesn’t fit properly, especially if it’s too small, you’re never going to wear it. It will be uncomfortable and pinch in all the wrong places. It’s a waste to spend your money (and closet space) on new and most likely unworn items. Sidenote: I’m not saying to buy something that’s ‘right for your body type’. I don’t believe in dressing appropriately for your body type, but I do believe in wearing clothes that you feel great in.

These are my tips to find new key pieces for your wardrobe. I’m always curious for more though. Do you have any strategies to find new pieces you’ll love for ages?


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