How 30-day lists changed my shopping habits

30-day lists changed my shopping habits

As you may know, I have changed my shopping habits quite a bit over the past few years. I stopped buying fast fashion  and I tried going second-hand shopping more often. At the same time I don’t only want to buy better pieces of clothing, I also want to buy less. In my opinion, it is best for the environment (and people) if we just consume less. And of course, I have to start with myself in that quest. One shopping habits that has really helped me with buying less is the concept of 30-day lists. Let me introduce you to it!

What are 30-day lists?

I have to be honest: I did not come up with 30-day lists. As it often happens, I read about them on the internet*, deep down the Pinterest rabbit hole.  It is actually incredibly easy: If you feel the urge to buy something, write it down with a date and wait for 30 days. If you still want it after that time period, feel free to buy it. If you realise you don’t actually love it that much, just scratch it out. Congrats, you’ve just saved some money and not made an unnecessary purchase. I have a small notebook for my 30-day lists and regularly go through my list.

How I changed my shopping habits

I started changing my shopping habits with 30-day lists at the beginning of the year. I write down everything, from obvious choices like shoes and clothes, to decoration to books to items I just neeeeed to have at the moment (know that feeling?). As a result, my life is so much easier (and less expensive). It actually workds:  My cupboards don’t fill up with that much clutter anymore.

To be honest, I was convinced that I am not a big impulse buyer before. Turns out, there are so many small purchases that I don’t even notice anymore. It is just so much fun to treat yourself to a little something, right? Well, turns out, 90 percent of my purchases are just for the fun of that moment. When I see them on my list after 30 – or even less – days, I don’t want to buy them most of the time. Of course, it gets tricky when I’m on holiday, but I try not to be to rigorous if it’s a one of a kind memory/souvenir. As I’m trying to save money at the moment it’s really the perfect system!

Have you tried 30-day lists? Are you interested in trying?

*If anyone knows who came up with this first, please let me know!



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