My autumn reading list for cosy evenings

My autumn reading list for cosy evenings

For me, autumn is the perfect time to cosy up inside with a fresh, new book and read. My favourite evenings are those without any commitments, some hot tea and a book I can get lost in. Preferably with the rain pouring down outside. Those evenings don’t happen too often, but when they do, I always cherish them.

Now that the colder part of autumn and the rest of the year is coming around, there’s no better time to stock up on some new books. After reading much non-fiction this summer, I’ve included some more fiction on my autumn reading list.

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (Blessing Verlag)

Some of you might know Trevor Noah as the really funny stand-up comedian who hosts the Daily Show. You probably don’t know (at least I didn’t) that he had a pretty rough childhood in South Africa before becoming a famous comedian. He grew up in the townships of Johannesburg to a white father and a black mother – at a time, when such a union was punishable by a couple of years in prison.

Trevor Noah tells the stories of being born a crime, living with a violent stepfather and actually going to prison one time. Between all the horrors and hardships, it is still a light-hearted book. I cannot recommend it enough, as it is such an enjoyable read and you actually learn more about the absurdities of the apartheid regime.
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5 books on society I’ve read this summer

5 books about society for your reading list

With all that is happening in the world lately, I have decided to read up. Not just consume the news everyday, but try to understand more about what’s actually going on. I feel like it’s easy to sit back helplessly. Of course, reading books won’t change the world as well, but actually knowing (a bit better) what’s going on in politics and why, seemed like a good place to start.

Thus, I put together a little reading list for myself. Politics, social sciences, history, you name it. Of course, I have realised that I have merely scratched the surface so far, but these books have made me hungry to learn more.

Exodus by Paul Collier

This book has made me think A LOT. I have read one work by Paul Collier before (The Bottom Billion) that I really liked and Exodus should be on everyone’s reading list as well. Collier shows in which places our migration policies aren’t working anymore. He shows how they are based on Western society after the Second Warld War and doesn’t fit today’s challenges anymore.

Furthermore, Collier describes what exactly lead to the refugee crisis in 2015 and how it could have actually been prevented. He also names new policies that might help struggling states today to prevent another crisis happening again.
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Three (more) ethical style books I love

3 (more) slow fashion books you should add to your reading list

A few months ago, I shared some of my favourite slow and ethical style books with all of you. Well, I’ve been a busy reader over the summer! A few fashion and style books made it onto my reading list as well and today I want to share some new favourites with you.

Einfach Leben by Lina Jachmann (Knesebeck Verlag)

Einfach Leben - more slow style books to add to your reading list

This book is more than a fashion book. Instead, it’s a beautiful collection of tips and interviews on minimalism and simple living. Lina Jachmann covers interiors, fashion (of course), health + well-being, work and food.

I’ve really enjoyed reading the interviews in the morning and getting new ideas for a simple, beautiful life. If you’re just starting out with a more minimalistic approach to life and your wardrobe, I would recommend this beautiful book. It feels a bit like a big magazine and it’s made me finally give capsule wardrobes a try (well, maybe ;).
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My favourite slow morning routine

My favourite slow morning routine + 4 habits for you to try

Over the past few months, I fell in love with the idea of a ‘slow morning routine’. Starting your day in a way that was pleasurable and not stressed sounded wonderful. So, little by little, I have adopted a few new habits into my morning that really improve my day.

I’ve tried a lot of Pinterest slow morning tips, some worked, some didn’t (I’m neither a smoothie, nor a morning workout person). Now I’m at a place where I truly look forward to my mornings, so I wanted to share my favourite habits with you.

Don’t press snooze

I won’t talk so much about this one because everyone tells you not to press snooze. It’s bad for your sleep, you will lose a lot of time, it’s just not a good idea.

No social media

This proved to be a big improvement on my well-being and it took quite some time to adopt. I will NOT look at instagram, pinterest or facebook before work. On a normal work day, the first time I look at social media is during my lunch break. I don’t know why it made such a big difference, but I feel so much more calm starting my day.
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Cooking seasonally (+ two cookbook tips!)

My favourite tips for cooking seasonal

One of the biggest changes I’ve made to my habits lately is cooking more seasonally. Eating strawberries in December doesn’t actually taste good and it doesn’t do the environment any good. Instead, isn’t it much nicer to enjoy foods right when they are in season here at home? Even better, get them fresh from the farmers market?

I must admit, I’m not perfect at eating only seasonal food. I jump at the first raspberries in March and quite enjoy eating tomatoes all year round (I know). Still, it’s not about being perfect, so here are a few habits I have adopted and my favourite cookbooks to help me with it.

Get in the right spirit

Instead of thinking about all the fruit and veg you can’t eat, dream about new dishes for each season. Think about that berry compote with ice cream in summer, fresh apple tart on a crisp autumn day or a hearty stew in winter. This way, you can concentrate on all the great new stuff you get to eat soon and actually get excited about it. Eating that first orange in winter when it gets cold outside tastes so much better than just eating it all year round.

 Look at a seasonal calendar

Just google “What’s in season” and you will find tons of them. Make sure you take one that’s for your region/country and your set for the next month!

Plan your recipes

After looking at the calendar, find some recipes you can try with your new seasonal goodies. This way, you can truly enjoy the season, try something new and have a great new repertoire of seasonal recipes. I love to sit down with my cookbooks at the beginning of the month and bookmark new favourites. It’s such a cosy tradition and really makes me appreciate the seasons even more.
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