Three (more) ethical style books I love

3 (more) slow fashion books you should add to your reading list

A few months ago, I shared some of my favourite slow and ethical style books with all of you. Well, I’ve been a busy reader over the summer! A few fashion and style books made it onto my reading list as well and today I want to share some new favourites with you.

Einfach Leben by Lina Jachmann (Knesebeck Verlag)

Einfach Leben - more slow style books to add to your reading list

This book is more than a fashion book. Instead, it’s a beautiful collection of tips and interviews on minimalism and simple living. Lina Jachmann covers interiors, fashion (of course), health + well-being, work and food.

I’ve really enjoyed reading the interviews in the morning and getting new ideas for a simple, beautiful life. If you’re just starting out with a more minimalistic approach to life and your wardrobe, I would recommend this beautiful book. It feels a bit like a big magazine and it’s made me finally give capsule wardrobes a try (well, maybe ;).

Fashion Made Fair by Ellen Köhrer (Prestel)

Fashion Made Fair - Three more slow fashion books for your reading list

If you’re curious about fair fashion apart from the big labels, this is the book for you. In her (pretty massive) book, Ellen Köhrer portrays more than thirty designers from all over the world. I really loved flicking through it to get some more inspiration about who’s out there and find a few new labels to add to my shopping list (oops).

What’s more, the book doesn’t only portray the designers, it shows how diverse ‘ethical fashion’ actually is. Some labels choose to be ethical by upcycling, others use new and sustainable materials. There isn’t one right way in ethical fashion, and that’s what’s so beautiful about it.

Saubere Sachen by Kirsten Brodde (Ludwig)

Saubere Sachen - three more ethical books to add to your reading list

This is the classic of books about ethical fashion. First up: It’s almost ten years old (from 2008), so a lot of the facts are probably outdated by now. Why is it still in this list? In my opinion, it gives a really good overview on the topic of ethical fashion, especially if you’re just starting out.

Even if it might not be absolutely up-to-date, it makes you think about all the different steps that are included in producing clothes. If something triggers you, you can always look up what it’s like today. And Kirsten Brodde offers and excellent overview over all the different kinds of official seals out there – something I have grappled with up until now.

These are my reading tips, I hope you found some new books for your reading list! Did you read anything exciting lately?




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