How to spend a relaxing weekend at home

How to spend a relaxing weekend at homeAnd just like that, it’s November. Beautiful, golden October is over and it’s definitely time for the cold and rainy season. A lot of people don’t like November for exactly that reason. In my opinion though, November is the perfect time to slow down and spend a relaxing weekend at home.

On cozy, slow weekends like this, I try to put a few fun things on my daily agenda, so I don’t end up mindlessly scrolling through the internet all day and somehow missing the weekend. There are so few days I truly have for just relaxing, so it’s quite sad to just waste them. These are my favourite activities for a hygge weekend at home.

Read a cookbook

If you watch my Instagram stories you might know that I love testing recipes on the weekend – big pancake breakfasts, chutney adventures or homemade bread, everything. I prefer to actually read a cookbook instead of taking a recipe of the internet on the weekend. It inspires me to try something (seasonal) I normally wouldn’t and I get to read all the little stories going along with the recipes.

One of my recent favorite cookbooks is Molly Yeh’s book “Molly’s Kitchen”. She talks about how she met her husband, her life in New York and the Midwest. It’s just the coziest thing to make a coffee on a Saturday morning, think about which recipes to try and then start cooking. I have already tried a few dessert recipes from her book and the homemade hummus is the best I ever had. Another bonus of trying recipes on the weekends: You have cake!
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My favourite slow morning routine

My favourite slow morning routine + 4 habits for you to try

Over the past few months, I fell in love with the idea of a ’slow morning routine‘. Starting your day in a way that was pleasurable and not stressed sounded wonderful. So, little by little, I have adopted a few new habits into my morning that really improve my day.

I’ve tried a lot of Pinterest slow morning tips, some worked, some didn’t (I’m neither a smoothie, nor a morning workout person). Now I’m at a place where I truly look forward to my mornings, so I wanted to share my favourite habits with you.

Don’t press snooze

I won’t talk so much about this one because everyone tells you not to press snooze. It’s bad for your sleep, you will lose a lot of time, it’s just not a good idea.

No social media

This proved to be a big improvement on my well-being and it took quite some time to adopt. I will NOT look at instagram, pinterest or facebook before work. On a normal work day, the first time I look at social media is during my lunch break. I don’t know why it made such a big difference, but I feel so much more calm starting my day.
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5 slow living goals for July

5 slow living goals for july

June is over already, can you believe it? For me, it’s been a good month with a few short holidays and the most beautiful sunny weather. I’ve started running again and spend my weekends in the sun. Not too bad! Now July’s here, my birthday month – I turn 24 in only a week. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to make July a month to strive for slow living goals. I want to implement a few habits I should have started practising already and refocus on my goals for the year. But first, let’s recap my June goals:

Have a vegan day

This totally worked! I actually realised how much of what I eat is vegan anyway, so on days I wasn’t eating out/with friends a vegan day was no problem at all.

Switch off for one day a week

No comment. This didn’t happen at all. Maybe next month?
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Getting inspired by Chef’s Table

Slow Living Inspiration from Chef's Table on Hanna's Places

Have you guys watched the Netflix show ‚Chef’s Table‘ yet? It’s a documentary show about some of the greatest chefs around the world, focusing on one of them in each episode. I have just finished watching the first season and I feel so inspired from it. Not necessarily inspired to cook but inspired to create and follow my passion. All of those chefs in the show are very different, but still, there’s a couple of basic truths that unite all of them.

Lessons from Chef’s Table

+ They all know exactly what they are doing. Even though the chefs are creating exciting new things that have never been cooked before, all of them are highly trained as well. Many of them have worked in haute cuisine for years and learned from the best. What does that teach us? You first need to learn your craft and practice a lot (!), before things will get as great as you imagine them. Just take your time and don’t rush things along.

+ Determination lead them where they wanted to go. Most of the chefs struggled with failure and disappointments in their career. Failed restaurants, unemployment etc. They still kept their dreams alive and just tried something different – the road to success is never straight.

+ They all prioritized good and simple ingredients over quantity. If you start with great basics, whatever you are creating will be so much better as well. Furthermore, it shows even more that mass-produced fast food only harms our bodies and our environment. Some of the chefs grow all the vegetables in their restaurants themselves – one even had his own farm. We can actually watch how much care goes into choosing the right dishes for each season. It’s simply fascinating!

+ Nature inspires all of them. There’s no better place to clear your head than being surrounded by nature and nothing else.

+ They were all confident about the fact that they are creative beings. We have all been created with a creative mind. It isn’t about whether you are creative or not, it’s about whether you have started creating yet.

If you haven’t watched Chef’s Table yet, you simply need to check it out.





Lessons from my 30-Day Social Media Detox

Lessons from my 30 day social media detox

A little while ago, I was feeling dissatisfied. I was spending most of my time online – scrolling Facebook and Instagram, not creating anything. Besides, I didn’t read any books and didn’t get enough sleep because of my social media habits. I felt really relaxed in Uganda because we were offline the whole time, so I decided to give it a go again: A 30 day social media detox. No Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or blog reading. I was still using What’s App and other messenger tools, because I use those to communicate, not to waste time.

 What I learned from doing a 30 day Social Media Detox

1. I didn’t actually miss it so much: After committing to this challenge, it was surprisingly easy not to go online. I deleted all the apps from my phone and wrote a ’30 day social media detox diary‘ for a few days. On my train journeys I listened to podcasts, before going to bed at night I read. It felt a bit strange, but that’s it. One of the main reasons for my discontent was that I was consuming but not creating – therefore nobody even noticed my detox.

2. It’s fun to use what you already have: One example – Instead of scrolling through Pinterest for hours, I was using my recipe books again. I rediscovered so many recipes and have a few more bookmarked. I truly enjoy coming home at night and looking through my cookbooks – a habit I intend to keep up.

3. Not all social media is bad: Two weeks after finishing my 30 day social media detox, I’m still not using Facebook or Pinterest. I am using Instagram and reading my favourite blogs again though. I love Instagram and sharing pictures there and feel more energized and inspired from it. Same with blogs: The ones I read inspire me or teach me something, the others go unread.

4. It’s easier to meet your goals: Since doing my detox, I feel way more focused and concentrated. My brain is less foggy and reading a book is more relaxing than staring at a screen. Also, writing blog posts is easier if I’m not reading zillions of other blogs first.

5. I have more energy: I sleep more and more profoundly lately. Of course there doesn’t have to be a connection between going offline and my sleep, but since it has started improving since my detox, I believe there is.

6. Less FOMO. This one is self-explanatory.

Right now I found a really happy balance of getting inspired, but still having things to do that have nothing to do with Social Media. Did you ever try a 30 day social media detox? Any stories to share?


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