Lessons from my 30-Day Social Media Detox

Lessons from my 30 day social media detox

A little while ago, I was feeling dissatisfied. I was spending most of my time online – scrolling Facebook and Instagram, not creating anything. Besides, I didn’t read any books and didn’t get enough sleep because of my social media habits. I felt really relaxed in Uganda because we were offline the whole time, so I decided to give it a go again: A 30 day social media detox. No Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or blog reading. I was still using What’s App and other messenger tools, because I use those to communicate, not to waste time.

 What I learned from doing a 30 day Social Media Detox

1. I didn’t actually miss it so much: After committing to this challenge, it was surprisingly easy not to go online. I deleted all the apps from my phone and wrote a ’30 day social media detox diary‘ for a few days. On my train journeys I listened to podcasts, before going to bed at night I read. It felt a bit strange, but that’s it. One of the main reasons for my discontent was that I was consuming but not creating – therefore nobody even noticed my detox.

2. It’s fun to use what you already have: One example – Instead of scrolling through Pinterest for hours, I was using my recipe books again. I rediscovered so many recipes and have a few more bookmarked. I truly enjoy coming home at night and looking through my cookbooks – a habit I intend to keep up.

3. Not all social media is bad: Two weeks after finishing my 30 day social media detox, I’m still not using Facebook or Pinterest. I am using Instagram and reading my favourite blogs again though. I love Instagram and sharing pictures there and feel more energized and inspired from it. Same with blogs: The ones I read inspire me or teach me something, the others go unread.

4. It’s easier to meet your goals: Since doing my detox, I feel way more focused and concentrated. My brain is less foggy and reading a book is more relaxing than staring at a screen. Also, writing blog posts is easier if I’m not reading zillions of other blogs first.

5. I have more energy: I sleep more and more profoundly lately. Of course there doesn’t have to be a connection between going offline and my sleep, but since it has started improving since my detox, I believe there is.

6. Less FOMO. This one is self-explanatory.

Right now I found a really happy balance of getting inspired, but still having things to do that have nothing to do with Social Media. Did you ever try a 30 day social media detox? Any stories to share?



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