Uganda Travel Diary: The arrival

Uganda Travel Diary | Hanna's Places

It’s almost been a month since I returned from Uganda and it’s finally time to share some pictures and stories! Before I say anything else: We had the most amazing time. It was interesting and relaxing, challenging and beautiful. The minute we arrived at Entebbe airport (the only international airport in Uganda I think), we felt like we were in another world with people living such a different life. The curvy unpaved streets, the smells, the colors, everything. A lot of my memories from Kenya 2012 came back!

One of our lovely hosts, Rose, picked us up at the airport and we continued our way to the project. On our way we even passed the Equator! Travel Tip No.1: find someone to pick you up! Getting a taxi or worse the bus is really overwhelming if you’re not acquainted with the culture and only speak English (especially after hours of flying!).

Uganda Travel Diary | Hanna's Places

At the project we were greeted by (what felt like) hundreds of kids (there were actually only fifty living there). We immediately felt at home. Which leads me to my second travel tip: If you get the chance and you want to go to East Africa/Uganda – join a great project that works for something you believe in! It was such a good experience living with the children (who I still miss every day) and we learned SO much about the culture and the country. The project was called ‘Our children and our future‘, a self-help project that does some amazing work in helping children from disadvantaged families go to school and find a job later on. If you want any more information about them, let me know :)

Uganda Travel Diary | Hanna's Places Uganda Travel Diary | Hanna's Places

More on our time in Uganda, the safari (yes, we saw elephants!) and some interesting cultural differences and things I’ve learned coming soon! If there’s anything you would like to know – just tell me know in the comments :)

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