Everlasting Apparel – die konsumentin

Everlasting Apparel with die konsumentin

Today I am very happy to introduce you to Anna and Esther from Kunstkinder Mag! They are a super-fashionable duo from Hamburg and also know quite a lot about fair fashion. If you ever think that ethical fashion is out of style and just hoodies and t-shirts, head over to their site. They actually just launched a new and exciting project, die konsumentin, an online magazine for stylish yet sustainable women. It’s beautiful, you’ll see.
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Everlasting Apparel – Allison Karaba

In my opinion, one of the great merits of social media is that it connects you with like-minded people from all over the world. One of them is Allison Karaba. She is a blogger and capsule wardrobe hero and we met on Instagram a few months ago. Yay, 21st century! I truly love her simple and beautiful style, so I’m really happy she agreed to take part in Everlasting Apparel. Have fun getting to know her and find out more about her everlasting piece.

Tell us something about yourself!

I currently live in Chicago, IL with my husband and two fur baby kitties. I have been working in the media advertising industry for about five years but am toying around with some ideas for a career change :) I’ve always loved fashion and was introduced to capsule living/slow fashion about two years ago. I purchased a book on fashion sustainability and it has become a passion project ever since. I also like to read, consume unhealthy amounts of Mac & Cheese and I love plants but can’t keep anything alive!
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Everlasting Apparel – Chic Éthique

Lauren from Chic Éthique for Everlasting Apparel - Hanna's Places

Happy Tuesday! Today I want to introduce you to Lauren from ethical fashion blog Chic Éthique. I found her blog while I was looking for new ethical style bloggers to follow and instantly fell in love! She shares beautiful outfits, gives tips on how to get more wear out of your outfits and makes ethical fashion accessible for everyone. These are all big favourites in my book! Today, Lauren shares her favourite outfit with us and tells us more about her views on fair fashion. Enjoy!

Tell us something about yourself and Chic Éthique!

I’m a piano teacher by day and a fashion blogger over on my blog Chic Éthique by night! I did my university work in classical piano, but I’ve always had a love for style. My blog became my outlet for that love, and I enjoy posting about the outfits I create from my capsule wardrobe.
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Everlasting Apparel – The OGNC

The OGNC for Everlasting Apparel

Today I have the great pleasure of introducing Laura from The OGNC to you on Everlasting Apparel! Her blogazine is a beautiful collection of fair fashion, natural beauty and recipes that seriously make your mouth water. She’s a student from Hannover and a fashion blogger who decided to switch to fair fashion a few months ago. Find out more about her and her Everlasting pieces below!

Tell us something about yourself and The OGNC!

Hi, my name is Laura, I’m from Berlin and I’m 23 years old. At the moment, I study Technical Documentation in Hanover, Germany. I’ve been thinking a lot about mass consumption over the last couple of months. In December 2016 it finally happened. Without any second thoughts, I completely sweeped out all of my cosmetics products I had and gave them away – for free.

Next, I spent some time researching sustainable fashion and decided to buy only second hand products or fair fashion from then on. My old blog actually talked a lot about conventionally produced products, so I launched „The OGNC“ in April 2017 instead. The OGNC deals with natural and organic cosmetics, fair fashion, interviews and soon with a green lifestyle.
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Everlasting Apparel – at least

Lisa from at least for Everlasting Apparel - Hanna's Places

Today I’m happy to share a new post of my favourite feature on this blog again: An Everlasting Apparel post! The wonderful Lisa from fair fashion blog ‚at least‘ talks about her everlasting piece and why she wants to keep it for years and years. If you’re new to this blog: Everlasting Apparel is a column where I ask my favourite fashion bloggers and creatives to share their most beloved pieces with us. Not new items, but clothes that have a story connected with them from years of wearing them. Because isn’t that so much better than new anyway?

Tell us something about yourself & at least!

I am Lisa, a fair fashion blogger from Berlin. Next to writing about ethically made clothing, I also enjoy sewing a lot and have recently started to get into coding too. I care a lot for environmental issues and think that there needs to be more action taken. At some point I felt that there wasn’t enough done so I just figured that instead of complaining I could start something myself.

Lisa from at least for Everlasting Apparel - Hanna's Places

How would you describe your life at the moment?

Although I’m at the end of my twenties, I’m still looking for my dream career – probably like most of us ;) It can be a little tough sometimes but I also love that I get to try out lots of new things.
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