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There’s a new Everlasting Apparel post for you today and it’s a good one! I found Susie’s beautiful blog, Ciao Eco Lifestyle, through her Instagram and instantly fell in love with her beautiful pictures. It seriously makes you want to travel to Italy right this minute. Go check it out, but first read watch she’s got to share about her favourite everlasting piece:

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Tell us something about yourself!

My name is Susie and I’m the founder of Ciao Eco Lifestyle – a blog dedicated to the pursuit of a Chic, Eco and Slow Lifestyle and founder of Oreeko Fashion Directory – an eco, organic global directory. As a part time job I love creating beautiful minimalistic websites for artisans, creatives and small businesses.

My journey with slow living started only after I embraced organic and green living due to my debilitating illness called Endometriosis. After undergoing 7 surgeries to ‘cure’ the problem, things weren’t good. It took years, a lot of research, experimentation, understanding and passion.

After I understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle, I realized that something else was missing. I needed more than just eating healthy food. That’s when I discovered Slow Living and instantly fell in love with the philosophy and way of living.

If you could sum up your life at the moment, what would it be?

Experimental. I’m in a phase where I’m feeling very creative and motivated to try new things. I started a Youtube channel for fun because I wanted to experiment and promote eco & slow fashion, living and travels around my city and region.

My life in 2016 is a year of connection and community. I want to collaborate and meet amazing creatives that are promoting and living a slow lifestyle in this busy world.

Where and when did you find your everlasting piece?

I have several but my black blazer is the ultimate everlasting piece. I bought it 11 years ago and it still looks great.
I wear it with everything. It’s perfect with jeans, a shirt, shorts or with a dress, you name it and it works.
I bought even before I knew what was ethical fashion or what it meant to have a capsule wardrobe.

Is there a special story connected to this outfit?

Truthfully, I don’t have a special story connected with my blazer. I just remember that I wanted to buy a piece that would work well with most of my clothes. A classical piece that looked young and hip.
Sometimes if a blazer is not tailored well it could look very matronly but this worked perfectly for me.

Why do you think slow fashion is important?

It’s very important on so many levels. First it’s important for the environment. The production of fast fashion is polluting the earth in a considerable way. Although many people are still not aware about dangerous environmental impact fashion is causing on our planet earth, there is a small group of businesses, bloggers and designers that are passionately promoting the ethical & slow movement.

In recent years, slow fashion has brought awareness also on another important issue. Fair trade practices. It has opened many amazing opportunity for small communities to live well, by getting fair wages while working in a safe and human environment.

Slow fashion changed my mentality in the way I shop.
It’s not necessary to buy new clothes every season. It’s not about having the most clothes at the cheapest price ever. Wear once and then trash it! This way of thinking has automatically led me into a minimalist approach to clothes and life in general. My goal in the future is to have a very simple, minimalist capsule wardrobe with mostly ethical pieces.

Before I buy something {when I buy something} I always ask myself: “Do I really need this?”

My motto is: “buy less and buy better!”

Thank you so much Susie for taking part in Everlasting Apparel! Keep enjoying a eco-friendly lifestyle :)


  • Susie
    Juni 27, 2016

    This amazing Hanna! Thank you :) Love your blog and l love being part of the Slow Fashion Community! Greetings from Rome, Italy! xxx

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