Mexico Photo Diary

Mexico Photo Diary

Hola Mexico!

Two weeks ago, I came home from a beautiful holiday to Mexico. A friend of mine is studying there at the moment (in Veracruz) and me and another one of our friends went to visit her. After a few days in the city she studies in (Xalapa) the three of us flew to Yucatan and visited Tulum and Isla Holbox.

Tulum had been on my list of places to visit for ages, and it was definitely a trip to remember! The colors, the beautiful beach, friendly people, amazing fresh food…it was a dream. Looking at these pictures, I can’t really believe we were at that very place only two weeks ago!
Mexico Photo Diary Mexico Photo Diary

Mexico Photo DiaryMexico Photo Diary

Mexico Photo DiaryMexico Photo Diary Mexico Photo Diary Mexico Photo DiaryMexico Photo Diary

Mexico Photo DiaryMexico Photo Diary

Mexico Photo Diary

It was a wonderful holiday, as you can probably imagine. I will put together a little travel guide for Tulum and Isla Holbox soon, there are so many trips we took (and great restaurants we ate at).

If you’re still thinking about a longer trip to take next year, this should be on your list. You can definitely spend two weeks or more here without getting bored (as i mentioned in my last post, you should only go on long-haul flights if it’s for a considerable amount of time).

Did any of you ever go to Mexico? I would love to hear more about your favourite places! I would definitely go back if I ever get the chance.

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A beginners guide to sustainable tourism

a beginners guide to sustainable tourism

You know that I love to travel. There are so many beautiful places I yet want to discover and so many countries I want to visit. I recently traveled to Mexico and was really happy to meet new people, eat exciting foods and see more of the country. In preparation for my trip, I didn’t only pack my suitcase, I also read up on sustainable tourism.

If you’re trying to live a sustainable life, those aims shouldn’t end when you’re on holiday. Take care of the country you’re visiting and the people living there. It’s natural, in my opinion: If I try to buy fairly produced items that don’t exploit others or harm the environment while I’m at home, why would I travel in a way that does exactly that?

Of course, when it comes to sustainable tourism, the power for big change lies with travel businesses and hoteliers. Still, we as travelers can achieve more than we think. If we guide our decisions by the people whose country we’re visiting and their needs, we can take a big step towards a better tourism industry. As with all big topics, it starts with small beginnings. These are the basic steps, everyone should follow on their trips.

Go by train instead of flying

The other day, I read a really interesting article (in German) on trying to fly less regularly. To me, it illustrated once more how bad flying is for the environment and that we should probably stop flying. To be honest, I struggle with that. I know that you can live as sustainably as you want to – flying kind of cancels all of that out. I already take the train whenever possible, but I also love to explore the world and seeing countries like Mexico and Uganda.

So for next year, I will try to take less trips to faraway places and more local train journeys. Germany is beautiful, after all. If I do go on a plane journey, I will stay for at least a couple of weeks, so it was truly worth it. Brot für die Welt set a great rule of thumb I will try to follow: If you’re flying less than 2.000 kilometres away, stay for about 8 days. If it’s farther, try to stay at least 14 days. Don’t fly on any shorter trips (take the train instead).

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How to spend a relaxing weekend at home

How to spend a relaxing weekend at homeAnd just like that, it’s November. Beautiful, golden October is over and it’s definitely time for the cold and rainy season. A lot of people don’t like November for exactly that reason. In my opinion though, November is the perfect time to slow down and spend a relaxing weekend at home.

On cozy, slow weekends like this, I try to put a few fun things on my daily agenda, so I don’t end up mindlessly scrolling through the internet all day and somehow missing the weekend. There are so few days I truly have for just relaxing, so it’s quite sad to just waste them. These are my favourite activities for a hygge weekend at home.

Read a cookbook

If you watch my Instagram stories you might know that I love testing recipes on the weekend – big pancake breakfasts, chutney adventures or homemade bread, everything. I prefer to actually read a cookbook instead of taking a recipe of the internet on the weekend. It inspires me to try something (seasonal) I normally wouldn’t and I get to read all the little stories going along with the recipes.

One of my recent favorite cookbooks is Molly Yeh’s book “Molly’s Kitchen”. She talks about how she met her husband, her life in New York and the Midwest. It’s just the coziest thing to make a coffee on a Saturday morning, think about which recipes to try and then start cooking. I have already tried a few dessert recipes from her book and the homemade hummus is the best I ever had. Another bonus of trying recipes on the weekends: You have cake!
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5 fun goals for November

5 fun November goals

November is here, the year is almost over. For me, November has always been kind of a ‘in-between’ month. It’s too early to get in the Christmas spirit, but the beautiful parts of autumn are over, too. The weather is mostly grey and dark, with no snow in sight yet. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some elements about November I appreciate! It’s very cosy to be inside and at least – Christmas is almost there.

This year, I want to make a conscious effort to enjoy November as well. I don’t want to get down because of the grey and cold weather. For me, this also means saying no to spending all my time on Netflix and yes to new activities and other people. I tried to reflect this with a couple of fun goals.

Start weaving

I’ve enjoyed looking at the beautiful weavings all over Instagram and Pinterest for a while now. Since it sounds like a fun and easy hobby, I’ve decided to make it my new winter hobby to try. Last year it was calligraphy, two years ago candle-making, now I’ll try weaving. If any of you have any great tips about material, tutorials etc., please let me know!

Get a headstart on my Christmas presents

This year, I don’t want to buy my Christmas presents at the very last minute. Instead, I want to try and make more presents myself again (I already got an idea or two) and put a lot of thought into each of it. That’s why I want to start now, before December comes around (which I want to spend mainly baking cookies and drinkig spiked cider). I’d love to get together with my friends for a few crafting sessions, but we’ll see if that works out!

Make sauerkraut

In Germany, sauerkraut is a real simple meal most people eat at their grandma’s. In the past few month though, I’ve seen it pop up all over my social media feeds as a new and healthy ‘superfood’. I’ve also seen a couple of different recipes to make it yourself. Since I’ve never fermented food before and it sounds both interesting and a little scary, I was intrigued. I’ve settled on one recipe I am going to try and really hope it works out. Wish me luck!

Thankful November

Apart from all the crazy/sad things happening in the world lately, 2017 has been a really great year for me personally. I went on a few different and really nice trips, found a new church and a new home in Bonn. I had some fun little opportunities because of this blog, met new friends and my relationships got better as well. Normally, I do this kind of reflecting at the end of the year. I just thought it would be nice to express some extra thankfulness during a month when it’s not that easy to be thankful every day.

Take care of my body

I don’t mean this in a diet kind of way, but in a ‘try to feel healthy and good’ kind of way. This time of year, it gets a little bit harder to get out of bed in the morning, it’s harder to eat healthy or go outside and move around. I want to give my best to still act in a healthy way, so even if the weather and the light conditions aren’t ideal, I will feel awake and good, not sluggish.

There you have it, my November goals! I am actually quite looking forward to this month, and if I manage to act on all these ideas, it should definitely be a fun one. Did you set any goals for the next four weeks?

How to find key pieces for your wardrobe

How to find key pieces for your wardrobe (Kleiderrebell in Berlin)

After sharing my autumn key pieces with you last week, I wanted to put together a post on how I put together my list of key items. It definitely took me a little trial and error. Since I started shopping with a better sense of what my wardrobe needs, it definitely got easier though. I hope this helps you to find new items you love and reduce the clutter in your wardrobe!


This is the inspiration part of finding new key pieces, so naturally the first step in the key piece journey. If you haven’t already, start putting together Pinterest boards with outfit inspiration. I have one for autumn/winter, one for spring/summer and one that fits all seasons. Ones you pinned enough pictures on there, you’re very likely going to see a pattern. What kind of outfits are you bookmarking again and again? Why do you like them? For example, if you find yourself pinning pictures of mom jeans again and again and you don’t own any – maybe it’s time to start looking for great ethical mom jeans.

Look at what you own already

Before looking for new key pieces to buy, first look at what you already own and love. What do you wear over and over again? What’s the cut, what kind of material does the piece have? I’m not saying you should get something new exactly like it – that would kind of defy the meaning of a minimal wardrobe.

Instead, I believe that it helps you to know what you feel great in. For example, if you really like wearing midi-dresses but you only own a floaty summer dress, maybe it’s time to invest in a winter midi-dress as well.
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