Everlasting Apparel – die konsumentin

Everlasting Apparel with die konsumentin

Today I am very happy to introduce you to Anna and Esther from Kunstkinder Mag! They are a super-fashionable duo from Hamburg and also know quite a lot about fair fashion. If you ever think that ethical fashion is out of style and just hoodies and t-shirts, head over to their site. They actually just launched a new and exciting project, die konsumentin, an online magazine for stylish yet sustainable women. It’s beautiful, you’ll see.
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5 autumn goals for October

5 October goals to make most of autumn

Horray, my favourite month is almost here! To me, autumn is probably the best time of the year. Everything is colorful, it’s cosy to be inside but there’s still some warm days, I love it. Fresh apples, tea, sweaters, scarves, cardigans and books – bring it on! While September was all about taking it slow, reducing and cleaning up, in October I’m ready for full on autumn.

Go hiking

There are so many gorgeous trails around where I live and this is the time to visit them before winter rolls around. I really loved being outside so much on the Isle of Jersey, so I am ready to put on my hiking boots again.

Bake some bread

There’s something so cosy and relaxed about baking your own bread, isn’t there? I’ve got a few recipes bookmarked and I’m looking forward to slow autumn mornings with a fresh loaf of bread in the oven (and that heavenly scent!).
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5 books on society I’ve read this summer

5 books about society for your reading list

With all that is happening in the world lately, I have decided to read up. Not just consume the news everyday, but try to understand more about what’s actually going on. I feel like it’s easy to sit back helplessly. Of course, reading books won’t change the world as well, but actually knowing (a bit better) what’s going on in politics and why, seemed like a good place to start.

Thus, I put together a little reading list for myself. Politics, social sciences, history, you name it. Of course, I have realised that I have merely scratched the surface so far, but these books have made me hungry to learn more.

Exodus by Paul Collier

This book has made me think A LOT. I have read one work by Paul Collier before (The Bottom Billion) that I really liked and Exodus should be on everyone’s reading list as well. Collier shows in which places our migration policies aren’t working anymore. He shows how they are based on Western society after the Second Warld War and doesn’t fit today’s challenges anymore.

Furthermore, Collier describes what exactly lead to the refugee crisis in 2015 and how it could have actually been prevented. He also names new policies that might help struggling states today to prevent another crisis happening again.
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Know the Origin for Fall

Know the Origin on Hanna's Places

It’s a new season, so of course, it’s time for new outfits and fashion posts too! This fall, I really want to only add new pieces to my closet, that I will definitely love. Pieces that look different to what I normally wear but that still fit in with my normal wardrobe. Enter: my new fall dress.

The dress

This dress is out of my comfort zone for two reasons: It’s form-fitting and it’s midi-length. Two things I normally don’t wear and exactly the reasons why I love this dress. Like probably most women, I tend to buy the same thing over and over again (striped shirts, I’m looking at you). So now and again, I try to add something to my wardrobe that’s a little different.

One example for that is this dress. It doesn’t look like anything that I already own, but I can easily combine it with the rest of my wardrobe. Also, it’s super-comfy (hello, Fairtrade and organic cotton) and can easily be styled with sneakers and a big cardigan to be even more cosy. I’m definitely in love. What’s even better, the dress is from a fair fashion label I only recently discovered called Know the Origin.
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A summer trip to the Isle of Jersey

A relaxing trip to the Isle of Jersey

This summer, I took one of the most relaxing and beautiful trips of my life. I went to the Isle of Jersey. Where to exactly?, you might ask – at least, most of my friends asked. Well, the Isle of Jersey is a tiny (8 km x 14 km) British island just off the French coast. It’s near the gulf stream, so the weather is mostly fine and it’s perfect to just enjoy the quiet and relax. I truly loved it.

This is a very picture-heavy post, and there are still many more pictures I would have loved to share with you! Jersey is simply stunning. At the end of this post, you will probably want to travel there yourself, believe me ;)
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