Life on the Road with Rebecca Hawkes

Life on the road with Rebecca HawkesAre you dreaming of following your heart and living all over the world in 2018? Well, get ready for some serious inspiration and meet Rebecca Hawkes! She’s a traveling designer and photographer running her creative studio from the road. One day she lives and works in Morocco, the next month she’s in Iceland working with ethical clients trying to make this world a kinder place.

I got a chance to chat with her about her decision to live on the road, how she makes a new place feel like home and staying in touch with friends and family. Enjoy reading!

When and how did you decide to live all over the world?

I have always longed to travel extensively. For years I read blogs and became envious when hearing about friends‘ adventures abroad. For myself I always made excuses. It wasn’t the right time, I was scared and paralysed by the amount of choice on where to go. It got to a point where I was talking with a friend, reiterating my list of excuses. At that moment it dawned on me: That was all they were, ‘excuses’. I didn’t really have anything stopping me.

I had reached the point that staying with unrealised dreams was scarier than jumping into the unknown.

Life on the road with Rebecca HawkesHow do you choose new places to go?

This summer was dictated by many friends weddings in Italy, Spain and the UK. Instead of spending a couple days in each, I extended my travels for up to a month in each. I lived on the hills of Florence and toured the south of Spain.

Otherwise I listen to my instincts. I take notice of the images I am pinning on Pinterest, the articles that are catching my attention and the stories of other travellers that have me researching. My favourite places were the ones I have lusted over for years. Both Iceland and Morocco lived up to all my expectations and then some. No matter where I am, my favourite thing is to share the adventure. I am currently in Helsinki but this may have changed by the time you check my instagram!

What are your standards for the clients you work with?

I am vegan and try my best to live as ethically and holistically as I can. These practices in my own day to day life carry over to my business. I love working with vegan brands, or those that are actively aiming to help the world, either with the way they choose to produce their products, or the ethics that they extend to their workers, and messaging.

There are many ways to do good in this world. Although I have my own standards, my mind is forever being inspired by the ways that brands are embracing gender empowerment, ethical treatment of animals and inventive ways to aid the environment. I am enthusiastic about the speed and energy that the industry is growing at.

How long do you usually stay in one place?

I try to limit my plane journeys. In doing so, this has lead me to quite a few road trips on public transport. I spent a week with trains from London to Florence only by train. This took me through six countries in a short space of time. To balance, I then spent a month in one location, allowing me to re-focus and get back in the flow. I always prefer staying longer in one location (around a month before my feet itch for the road). This way I can fully embrace the culture, get to know the locals and relax while working on my business.

Life on the road with Rebecca HawkesDoes living on the road ever get lonely?

Absolutely! The internet really has been my friend when missing friends and family in other countries. It has however opened me up to the most awe-inspiring people and led me to connect with other travellers along the journey. I have learnt a lot along the way on how to feel present while travelling and I feel blessed to count the world as home.

How do you stay in touch with family and friends at home?

Through social media, sharing my photos and stories. I also send personalised postcards with my own photographs to my one year old nephew in the UK. I like to think that in years to come he can re-read the love letters from his Auntie.

How do you make a new place feel like home?

When I have felt dis-engaged with my surroundings I plunge myself into the country’s culture, and get into nature. I am a lover of food so I visit the local markets, discover new plants to cook with, and love looking at food halls to see all the different packaging.

A home cooked meal always fills me with joy. Learning a new recipe from the place I am currently residing brings me back to appreciating the present moment. Another way is to take a walk, breathe in the scents in the air and get into nature even if it is only access to a local park. Being surrounded by trees has always taken me to a place of peace.


Life on the road with Rebecca HawkesWhat are your biggest struggles?

While travelling I meet a lot of people that are also travelling for extended periods. Unlike me, they do not have a business to run at the same time. This often leads to me to wanting to spend all my time chatting over coffee, exploring new cities and generally avoiding screen time in favour of socialising and adventure.

Great in the moment but not so great for my projects and business! In my new online magazine I am exploring and experimenting with different ways to create for productivity and balance.


Would you ever go back to a conventional lifestyle?

I am six months into this way of living. As with all things in life I think it’s best not to plan too far in advance! Only the adventure of life will tell.

Thank you so much, Rebecca!

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