Everlasting Apparel – Audax Journal

Kayla from Audax Journal on Everlasting Apparel

These pictures just scream summer and coolness, don’t they? Today I’m really happy to introduce Kayla to you for a new Everlasting Apparel feature. I discovered her blog, Audax Journal, a couple of weeks ago (it’s still brand new!) and instantly fell in love with all the colours and the beautiful photography. Kayla is a freelance photographer, so no wonder it looks so great. She’s introducing us to the most beautiful everlasting piece today – a dress she got from her grandma! Read on for more about Kayla, her take on ethical fashion and this beautiful dress.
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Everlasting Apparel – Ciao Eco Lifestyle

Ciao Eco Lifestyle _ Everlasting Apparel-3_mini

There’s a new Everlasting Apparel post for you today and it’s a good one! I found Susie’s beautiful blog, Ciao Eco Lifestyle, through her Instagram and instantly fell in love with her beautiful pictures. It seriously makes you want to travel to Italy right this minute. Go check it out, but first read watch she’s got to share about her favourite everlasting piece:
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Everlasting Apparel: Dress your Life


Today I’m excited to bring back Everlasting Apparel again! I really love reading people’s stories and hearing what they connect to their favourite pieces of clothing, so I’m happy there’s finally another post in this series again (and it’s a good one). Meet Naomi, a conscious fashion and lifestyle blogger from Antwerp in Belgium – one of my favourite cities in the world. She’s a biologist and a blogger (perfect requirements for a blog on sustainable fashion) She blogs about her journey with fair fashion and as a newbie vegan, so if you’re into these topics, check out her blog, it’s beautiful!

Tell us something about yourself!

Hi everyone! I’m Naomi from the personal blog ‚Dress your life‚, born and raised in a little country called Belgium. Ever since I was little, I wanted to do something with animals and that’s how I ended up being a biologist many years later. During my studies I learned so much about both fauna and flora, which resulted in a huge admiration for everything nature. Finding a job in biology proved to be quite the challenge, that’s why I channelled my passion towards my free time. From adventurous travels into carnivore territories, to long forest runs, and finally to my blog! After watching ‚The True Cost‘ I could no longer willfully contribute to such a destructive system and totally turned around my shopping habits and blog content. From now on I’m going the green mile!

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Everlasting Apparel – Dominika Mayerova

Everlasting Apparel with Dominika Mayerova

Today’s Everlasting Apparel is a special one! I’m not featuring another blogger, but my fellow People Tree intern (now PR assistant) Dominika Mayerova! She was one of the people who made me feel so welcome both at work and in London. She was my partner-in-crime exploring coffee shops around Brick Lane and she’s of course always fashionable. I dearly miss her, our adventures and daily walks home to London Bridge. Talking dreams, plans and things going wrong was one of our favourite things to do. I can’t wait to see her again this July! These pictures are from a lovely day out with Helena (who took her camera along), walking through Shoreditch, eating Pho and afterwards relaxing at Barbour & Parlour. Here’s what Dominka has to say about her favourite outfit:

20150403_Hannasplaces_0036-2 20150403_Hannasplaces_0058-2

Tell us something about yourself!

My name is Dominika Mayerova, originally from Slovakia and currently living and working in London. Very happy to be part of Hanna’s blog. I feel very fortunate to have had amazing opportunities to travel abroad a lot and get to know beautiful places. I love coffee, all kinds of food, books, and museums and fashionwise – midi lengths and chunky heels!

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Everlasting Apparel – Samantha Heather

Samantha Heather for Everlasting Apparel Samantha Heather for Everlasting Apparel

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you had a good (long) weekend – I visited one of my friends in Spain and we had such a good time. I even went surfing for the first time! With five days of all play and no work, it’s time to work on that to-do list now though. Before I get started, let me introduce you to Samantha Heather though. I’m so so honored and thrilled that she decided to take part in Everlasting Apparel, because her blog has been one of my favourites reads almost ever since she started it two years ago. Samantha is an incredible photographer, follower of Christ and such an inspiring soul, sharing her beautiful photographs along with inspiring words that have helped me on more than one occassion. So without further ado, Sam and her Everlasting outfit:

EC6A5720 EC6A5717
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