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Today I have the pleasure of featuring Dulcie from Human Sea Vintage for Everlasting Apparel. She’s a vintage shop owner and blogger from London (with the absolute dream job). I’m sure you will fall in love with her and her whimsical style immediately. And I love the way she think about vintage clothing…


Tell us something about yourself!

I am a twenty-five year vintage style blogger, living and working in south east London. I work at an enchanting and historic department store, Liberty of London, in the Customer Services department and in my spare time I search for vintage clothes to sell in my Etsy shop.


Tell us something about your favourite piece and why it’s everlasting for you!

I bought this coat as a treat to myself for finishing my BA degree in English Literature at the University of Manchester. I found it at Mod Human Vintage on Etsy and it was a real bargain when you consider the quality and construction of the coat. As far as I am concerned, as much as trends change and fashions come and go, the shapes and colours of the early 1960s will always captivate me and set my pulse a-racing! The dreamy pistachio green shade of the wool, the oversized plastic buttons and the generous cut of the fabric have ensured that I return to this garment – winter upon winter – for a timelessly elegant and feminine look and I am confident that I will own it until it falls apart.

Thanks so much, Dulcie!


You can keep in touch with Dulcie over here: Blog | Shop | Pinterest | Twitter



  • tara victoria
    Februar 24, 2014

    ohh what a dream coat! i adore her style, it’s beautiful! thanks for sharing, i love these posts!

    • Hanna
      März 1, 2014

      You’re right, a total dream coat :)

      Glad you enjoy the posts!

  • Dulcie Emerson
    Februar 24, 2014

    Thanks so much for the feature Hanna! :-)

    • Hanna
      März 1, 2014

      I loved having you over here! :)

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