How to enjoy summer wherever you are

How to enjoy summer wherever you are on Hanna's Places

Summer time is here! Time to travel and explore new places. But what if you can’t travel as much as you’d like to this year?  I’ve put together all my tips to enjoy summer being at home. Because there’s so many things to do without going away as well!

Enjoy summer and take the day off

So often, we only take time off if we’re actually going away. This way we get the most out of our vacation days but rarely have time to enjoy being home. So why don’t you just enjoy summer and have a little home holiday? Sleep in, have a nice breakfast, do something outside without the weekend crowds – I feel relaxed already.

Take a camera with you

On holiday, we take pictures of everything. At home, that rarely happens. So why don’t you record all the lovely memories of ice cream dates, barbecue days and your summer in general? Those fun days we tend to forget because we’re ‘just’ at home. Looking back, you’ll have all those wonderful memories without needing to travel far.

Go to touristy places and explore your own city

I bet there’s a ton of places that you still haven’t gotten around to visiting in your own  hometown. I don’t really know why we never explore our own home. Maybe because we always have the chance and thus never grab it? Put together a list of places you need to see and go exploring.  Maybe even buy a travel guide for your city!

Start a new routine

I heard about creating a summer routine on Gretchen Rubin’s podcast and I love the idea so much. Do something that makes you feel in a summer mood and generally good about yourself instantly. It might be Pilates in the morning, a daily walk, an hour of book reading in the evening, a fresh beer with your dinner, fresh flowers around your home every week – feel free to get creative.

And of course: Treat yo’self!

Since you’re naturally saving money stay at home, treat yourself to the things you only allow yourself on holiday: Have some ice cream from your favourite shop on a regular basis, buy the fancy groceries you like at the store you wouldn’t normally get, go to the sauna/swimming pool/wellness place you normally save money on, turn off your computer at night (sleep in on Saturdays at least) – again, there’s a million ideas for every budget.

These are my ideas for a great summer at home – what about you?



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