Closet Cleanse

Living Simple Closet Cleanse

To start my journey of living a more simple life, I thought I would start with the place where I could definitely give away most stuff: My closet. To give you a little insight into my situation: I have (had) an overflowing wardrobe in my room at my parent’s house and also a full one in my flat. I still very often believe I have nothing to wear (tell me one woman who doesn’t). I guess three quarters of the stuff I owned I never wore. So I started throwing out.

And throwing out and throwing out. The pile of clothes I didn’t want to wear and have lying aroung quickly grew (you can see the pictures above, and I still have lots to wear!). At first I thought I would list how many things I gave away (how many bags, t-shirts etc) but when I saw the amount of stuff in the end, I thought that would be quite a pointless way of spending my time. I put it all in bags, gave it to the local charity shop and got on with my day.
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How to Buy What You Need (and nothing more)

Resist shopping temptationsI have a confession to make: I love going shopping. I love having new and pretty clothes and wearing them for the first time. But I guess every girl knows the common problem: You buy something, you wear it a couple of times and slowly the excitement wears of. It’s just something in your closet that was en vogue for some time (maybe you don’t even like it anymore). You need to buy something new.

It’s a never ending circle and depending on your spending habits, quite an expensive one. So today I decided to put together some tips on how you can reduce your spending habits and buying less stuff that you don’t need at all. These aren’t world-changing, brand-new tips, but it’s good to remember it from time to time.

Does the new piece fit in with the clothes you already own?

Try to picture at least three different outfits you could wear the new item with. If it’s a jeans with a really colourful pattern for example, but you don’t have any tops or jackets to go with it, I would highly recommend to reconsider buying it.

Likewise, try to imagine wearing it in different seasons

Of course, if it’s a winter coat, that doesn’t work out, but consider how the pieces would transition into different season. Would this dress look good with and without tights? Can I wear that shirt with a cardigan on top? What would this skirt look like with boots or with ballet flats? You get the deal.
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