My 3 favourite vegetarian cookbooks

My 3 favourite vegetarian cookbooks

Some of you might know, but I have been a vegetarian for about two years now. I don’t really miss eating meat and I love getting creative in the kitchen to make beautiful veggie meals. One thing I did miss at first though was buying beautiful cookbooks. It didn’t really make sense when more than half of the meals were based on meat or fish. Gladly, I found a few beautiful (and yummy) vegetarian cookbooks as well. Today, I want to share my favourites with you!

My favourite vegetarian cookbooks

The everyday cookbook: Vegetarisch mit Liebe

My three favourite vegetarian cookbooks: the love and lemons cookbook

I adore this cookbook. I have already tried a lot of the recipes in there (because they actually use normal ingredients) and everything has been delicious so far. Examples are strawberry caprese or homemade pizza with pear and peaches.

By the way, this cookbook doesn’t use the ususal categories like starter, main course, dessert but it categorises the recipes by vegetable. There’s a chapter on apples, a chapter on avocado and so on. I love it because you can actually look at what you have and make something delicious with it.

I highly recommend this cookbook to anyone who actually wants to try the recipes and not just look at pretty pictures! In Germany, it’s published by the Südwest Verlag and can be bought over here.

The inspiring cookbook: A Modern Way to Cook

My three favourite vegetarian cookbooks: A modern way to cook

This is Anna Jones second cookbook (after “A Modern Way to Eat”) and it’s just as good – if not better, as her first one. She’s really likeable and all of our recipes go with a nice little anecdote or story. She combines a lot of flavours I would have never though of, like lemon and coriander cake for example. The recipes are presented in a beautiful way too, so all I want to do after leaving through the book is eat only beautiful meals from now on.

Aside from being really inspiring, her recipes aren’t too complicated: The first chapter is full of recipes that can be made in the same time it takes to set the table! It’s perfect if you’re just home from work and just want to eat. If you love modern tastes, this is definitely a cookbook for you.

The super-healthy cookbook: Deliciously Ella

My favourite vegetarian cookbooks: Deliciously Ella

First of all, I’m not really a fan of the whole healthy eating hype. Paleo, gluten-free, lactose-free – not for me. I believe, if you eat everything in a mindful way without stuffing yourself, it’s healthy to eat a balanced diet (I’m not talking about people with allergies of course!). Still, I bought this (super-healthy) cookbook two years ago when it first came out. The veggie recipe in there are just really good, so I tried a lot of them already!

Deliciously Ella is probably one of the cookbooks I made the most recipes out of. Very often, I will substitute the healthy ingredients (like special flours) for normal ones. The recipes work nonetheless, and this cookbook is a great way to get out of my comfort zone!

These are some of my favourite vegetarian cookbooks. Do you have any more tips? Let me know in the comments!


  • Johanna
    July 9, 2017


    Agreed on the second two and currently checking out the first one! It sounds great :)

  • Darcey Croft
    August 8, 2017


    Going to try these out! thanks for the recommendations!

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