The Little Things – Family

A couple of weeks ago I talked about spending time with friends, and appreciating the friendships we’ve got.

Friends are important, but just as important is family. People in your life that you can always rely on, who support you, and that you care about.


I understand this might be a bit of a sensitive topic, and not everyone might think of their actual family as people that are really close to you. So of course family can mean anyone that you feel closely connected to and love.

For me, it is my ‘real’ family, and it is so nice to be back home to spend some time with them at the moment.

Of course, there are moments every now and then when it isn’t so nice to be around each other all the time (I’m sure we all know that) ;) – but even in those situations we know within us that we do love each other.

I’m truly grateful for the family I have, for their support, and love, and that I can always look forward to seeing them again after some time away.

I hope you can relate in some way and have people in your life that mean the same to you.

The picture above shows my mum’s, dad’s, and my feet. I think it’s pretty cool ;) Just missing my brother now.


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  • Irela
    July 6, 2013

    I’m quite lucky to have a really wonderful close-knit family. Life is tough enough as it is, it’s beautiful to have a strong support system. Thanks for this beautiful post!

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