Just do it! An interview with LJ Originals

Interview with LJ Originals | Hanna's Places

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Lisa, the creator behind jewellery brand LJ Originals. She is a great friend of mine, really creative and her jewellery (and the idea behind it) is just stunning. She took the leap and followed her dream and founded her own brand last year. Now she’s telling us more about it and her beautiful vision about it:

What was your vision behind founding LJ Originals?

My vision behind founding LJ was to create a brand that utilised my skills as a jeweller as a platform I could use to share a culture of value and worth. I heard once that a girl is told 268 times before she is 12 that she is not good enough and, while the accuracy of that statistic could be debated, it sparked something in me to do whatever I could to make the statistic as small as possible. Every person is valuable and I may not be the biggest voice but I have a responsibility to at least be a voice against the other noise that women hear berating them every day.

What dreams do you have for the future you’re excited to work on?

Wow that’s a big question. I have massive dreams to play a more proactive part in reaching girls or women who really have had their confidence and value stripped away through traumatic events and help them rebuild it and realise that regardless of what those things tell them they are, they are so valuable and have so much worth.

An interview with LJ Originals | Hanna's Places Interview with LJ Originals | Hanna's Places

Is there one social/environmental issue you’re passionate about?

I actually studied my masters in sustainability and environmental studies. While I am still working on a more environmentally friendly model for my business, I believe we have a responsibility to steward the natural resources we have well. My biggest social issue, as you can probably tell is to make sure that every girl or woman hears at least once that they are loved, precious, beautiful and valuable. Over the first few months of the year, I had the honour of partnering with Urban Justice in Glasgow to go into local high schools and teach young girls the Shine course which focuses on worth, value, strength and purpose. It was unbelievable rewarding to spend this time with the girls and to see the transformation in them by the end of the course.

Do you know one simple step we can take towards living more green?

It’s actually really simple. I think our throw away culture can sometimes cause us to feel some kind of endorphin rush from buying something new and disposable instead of reusing our resources from even the little things such as buying our lunch everyday. My collection is based on a variation of the traditional granulation technique where I use lots of small granules joined together to build a much bigger surface and I think this is actually really reflective of our efforts to become sustainable or more effectively protect our environment. Yes bigger companies and governments have a massive part to play and a great responsibility to minimise their impact but the buck doesn’t solely lie with them, it’s our responsibility to recycle, be less wasteful with energy and materials. I mean even only putting the amount of water you need in the kettle for your tea makes a difference.

Advice for people who want to start following their dreams?

Just do it. One thought that stuck with me when I was deciding to launch LJ was that there were people on the other side of that I was doing. Even if it was only one of my social media followers or just that one buyer who needed to hear that they were loved and valuable, who was I to withhold that from them or not do anything in my power so that they heard that. You being small doesn’t serve the world. Yes, be sensible, be wise and do what you need to do to survive but if there’s a need that you see, chances are you are the solution.

Thank you so much Lisa! If you want to get some beautiful LJ Originals for yourself (or a friend) you can check out her shop over here. Or follow on Facebook or Instagram!

Links & Memories 20/52

Links and Memories | Hanna's Places

Happy weekend folks! Another week is over and it’s almost June, how did that happen? I’m back in Düsseldorf for the weekend for a seminar at university and pizza night with my old flatmate (of course!) and can’t wait to catch up with her. Here’s what else has happened and caught my eye lately…

Links & Memories

1 | First of all, working full-time is hard! This might sound naïve, but I was still surprised by how little free time you have and how tired you actually are in the evening. I already had more nights when I just crashed in front of the TV instead of doing something fun or productive which didn’t even leave me more energized the next day. Any tips from fellow full-time workers?

2 | I did go out this week though – my colleagues and I headed to a great pub just around the corner from my house (where I can imagine spending a few nice summer nights!). It’s so much fun getting to know your area and this new city I live in and I can’t wait to go out more!

3 | On my TV nights I also started watching the Good Wife again and it’s so much fun. I’ve struggled to find a great and interesting TV show for some time now (if you can call that a ‘struggle’) and this one is really good. Recommended!

4 | I’m following about half of these already and I’m working on the rest: 15 Beauty Rituals to make part of your daily routine.

5 | Something that I should definitely make a bigger part of my routine (because I don’t do it at all ;): Lessons on caring for your jewellery.

That’s it for now – happy (and hopefully relaxing) weekend folks!

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My ethical summer wish list

My ethical summer wish list | Hanna's Places

Summer is approaching! The time of days (and nights) spend outside, barbecues, sunshine and adventures abroad is finally back :) I feel like the ethical summer collections are especially great this year and I’ve put quite a few of them on my summer wish list (the upside of having your birthday in July!).

My summer wish list

A stripy maxi dress | for days by the beach

Mom Jeans | Because summer in Germany isn’t that hot anyway (and I really want some!)

Relaxed trousers | For a day in the city

Some sandals | Black or nude

A casual black dress | You don’t need much else on a really hot day!

New sunglasses | made from recycled materials

A fancy jumpsuit | With an open back

Hoop earrings | Love that they are back this year!

Time to fill my closet again!



Learn from your envy (and make life easier)

How to learn from your envy | Hanna's Places

You guys probably know by now that I’m a little bit obsessed with listening to podcasts. One I especially enjoy is ‘Happier’ by Gretchen Rubin. She and her sister share life stories and little tricks to make life easier and well – happier!

One trick they recently shared really struck with me: Learn from your envy. I know, being envious is one of the worst character traits so I’m not promoting that, BUT if we want to or not, there’s always certain people who have/do/make things we wish we had too. This is why Rubin is suggesting that instead of pushing these feelings away and ignoring them, we should actually sit down and write a list of people we are envious of. Then, in the next step, we should write down why exactly we are envious of them. This can help to take steps towards those goals as well and thus overcome our jealousy. So if, for example, there is this one friend who seems to be having all those meaningful relationships with people and you want that too, start reaching out to others, be the kind of friend you are looking for and pray for deep relationships with the right people. Or if there’s this other friend who has the most amazing instagram account and you MUST have that too, then read up on instagram tips and tricks and work for it (or find out that it’s actually a ton of work and you’d rather just take snapshots and chill ;). Whatever it is, instead of passively grumbling and being envious, find out which dreams in yourself are causing that feeling and work towards them.

What do you think? Will you try this ‘life hack’? I’ll definitely sit down with pen and paper after finishing this post!

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Links & Memories 19/52

Hiking at Eifel National Park | Hanna's Places

Happy weekend friends! We’ve got a public holiday in Germany tomorrow, so there’s one more day left to get stuff done and relax. My family is coming over later for some apple strudel (the weather feels like autumn anyway ;). Here’s what’s been happening this week:

Links & Memories

1 | I’ve started selling clothes on Kleiderkreisel! I’m trying to get rid of all the stuff I’m not wearing at the moment (and make some extra cash along the way) and there’s a few nice pieces that are only collecting dust in my closet. I’ll probably add way more over the next couple of weeks, so happy shopping!

2 | Despite the rain today, last week we had amazing summer weather so I got to go to work by bike each day. I’m so looking forward to the season of bare legs, ice cream and long summer nights again!

3 | We went for an amazing hike through Lambertztal yesterday – sometimes all you need to clear your head is some nature, exercise and a backpack filled with good snacks ;)

4 | I’ve been way too tired to cook properly lately (working full-time definitely needs some getting used to), so pesto mixed with asparagus, courgette and eggs has been my life-saving dinner (so I don’t eat bread three times a day, everyday). Also: Kidney beans with broccoli, cashews and tahini – tastes better than it sounds!

5 | My new flat is still not even close to being finished, so I’m still on the look-out for interior inspiration: this bedroom is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion.

6 | Can’t wait to try cereal popsicles this summer!

7 | And finally – speaking of summer: I’m thinking of buying a swimsuit (instead of a bikini) this year – any (eco-friendly) tips?



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