Fair fashion outfit: Is it summer yet?

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Ready for sunshine!

Over here in Germany, summer doesn’t want to join us this summer. It’s rainy, it’s cold, the weather is changing daily. I’m still waiting for a chance to get out my shorts and summer dresses. Until then, dressing means layers, layers, layers. On one of those somehow warm, kinda rainy days Birte and I headed out for some pizza and outfit photos. Since it was my first time shooting pictures in Bonn, I was a bit nervous before. I’m looking forward to exploring this city and finding more spots! As for the outfit: I’m quite happy that more and more items in my closet are fair and sustainable. This makes putting together fair outfits that much easier!

altstadt-1 Fair Fashion Summer | Hanna's Places

Skirt, bracelet & shirt: People Tree | Jacket: Pimkie (really old) | Necklace: Victoria & Albert Museum Gift Shop (yes, really) | Shoes: Espadrij l’originale

Brand Info

People Tree | Fair fashion label from Great Britain. The garments are made in Bangladesh and India mostly and support local artisans.

Espadrij l’originale | Handmade in the French Pyrenees supporting local manufacturers.

Pimkie | High street label, probably not sustainable or fair trade.


Links & Memories 27

week-that-was-27A short and sweet weekend post from me today! This has been a good week: I handed in my thesis yesterday, the weather was finally nice for a whole week and it’s my birthday tomorrow. I’m on my way home to my parents right now so the birthday celebrations can begin. I’m taking it very slow this year: The day starts with a long breakfast in the morning, before going for a pedicure and relaxing. In the afternoon, I’m going for a hike with my family and then we’re having burgers and beer in the evening! Very chill but exactly what I want and need. I’m celebrating with friends later on and already have plans for that to. Live is good :)

Links & Memories

1 | Last Saturday, I went for a long hike (we were out all day!) with a good friend from Düsseldorf. We talked a lot about so many important and not so important topics. It felt so good to talk and move and enjoy the sun – the perfect day. Can’t wait to get out again soon!

2 | Sunday was great and relaxing as well, can life just stay like this? Leisurely days of drinking coffee, reading, going for a run, meeting friends, I love it!

3 | We had a workshop on project management at work this week which was very interesting but also so complex! Which resulted in me just getting home and being ready for bed (or a couple of Good Wife episodes and then bed). I really hope to be able to use some of my new knowledge soon!

4 | I finally found a great (simply black) bathing suit this week – can’t wait to hit the beach now next week!

5 | Yesterday, I tried making my own tortilla wraps (instead of just buying them at the store). They were tiny so filling them was hard, but so yum! I’ll definitely try again. I would definitely recommend making your own as well, because it makes having burritos so much easier. It’s a great food for Sunday night: All you need is flour, water, salt and oil – and your filling of course.

And that’s it! I hope you have a great weekend!

Everlasting Apparel: Audax Journal

Kayla on Everlasting Apparel

These pictures just scream summer and coolness, don’t they? Today I’m really happy to introduce Kayla to you for a new Everlasting Apparel feature. I discovered her blog, Audax Journal, a couple of weeks ago (it’s still brand new!) and instantly fell in love with all the colours and the beautiful photography. Kayla is a freelance photographer, so no wonder it looks so great. She’s introducing us to the most beautiful everlasting piece today – a dress she got from her grandma! Read on for more about Kayla, her take on ethical fashion and this beautiful dress:

Kayla on Everlasting Apparel Kayla on Everlasting Apparel

Tell us something about yourself!

My name is Kayla, and I am the creator of The Audax Journal – an ethical fashion blog devoted to showcasing the colorful side of ethical fashion. I created it because when I started making the transition to an eco-friendly, ethical wardrobe, I noticed there was a common misconception that the clothing was boring. Most of the people I talked to about ethical fashion thought it was full of hippy hemp clothes (nothing wrong with that), or trash bag dresses. I knew there was a much more exciting, vibrant side to the industry that many people just weren’t seeing. My goal is to show that side, and show that making the switch to an ethical wardrobe is attainable without giving up your love for color.

When I’m not living, eating, dreaming about my blog – I’m a freelance photographer, vegan newbie/wannabe (I’m trying!), self-taught yogi, and lover of dancing, vintage clothes, classic films, peppermint tea and animals. I spend as much time in nature as possible and take every opportunity to travel. I watch the Harry Potter movies at least once a year and always dress up for Halloween. One day, I hope to have my own homestead and an ethical fashion boutique.

Kayla on Everlasting Apparel

If you could sum up your life at the moment, what would it be?

Well, I’m still in the first month of launching my blog, so my life at the moment is (a bit hectic!) full of excitement and challenges. I am learning new things everyday and realizing that this project I’ve been dreaming about for so long is taking shape, and evolving every day. It’s one big, beautiful storm. Lot’s of coffee, research, photo shoots, and music. Everything from classical to gansta rap.

Where and when did you find your everlasting piece?

My everlasting piece came from my grandmothers closet. I remember her opening the bifold doors of a storage closet (where she kept her vintage clothes) and saying the most wonderful words “take whatever you want”. *insert angelic chorus and harp playing* It was a beautiful day.

Is there a special story connected to this outfit?

My grandmother said she couldn’t remember where she acquired the dress, but being an international traveler and having spent time in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco – I’d like to think she picked it up during her travels at some dusty, traditional souq in the 1970s. When I moved to Abu Dhabi 2 years ago, I knew I couldn’t leave the dress behind. I love how I can wear the same dress as my grandmother nearly 4 decades later and it’s still in style. #win

Kayla on Everlasting Apparel Kayla on Everlasting Apparel

Why do you think slow fashion is important?

Fast-fashion is killing the planet and encouraging modern-day slavery. Sounds a bit harsh, right? It is. It’s completely unnecessary and unethical. We only have one life, and one planet. Making the effort to support slow fashion shows that you care about the human life that stands behind it and the beautiful planet we live on together…and that’s important.

Thank you so much Kayla! I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite Everlasting Apparel features of all time – both your insightful answers and the pictures of that stunning dress! If you want to follow Kayla online, her blog is over here or you can check out her instagram as well.

June 2016 Book Log

June Book Recommendations | Hanna's Places

Another month is over and it’s officially time for summer reading. I have traveled a lot in June and I got my weekends back by handing in my dissertation so lots of new books for me! Sadly, the books I read this month were nothing more than ‘okay to read’, but that’s life, right? ;)

June Reading

The Language of Flowers | This book was a beautiful story about a girl who grew up in different foster homes. She never really made friends or felt at home anywhere, apart from one family over ten years ago. They taught her the language of flowers – before something terrible happened. Now she’s trying to make her place in the world and get past her troubled past. I really liked reading this book especially the first half. It gets a bit disappointing at the end, but by then you will love the story enough to keep going.

Go Set a Watchman | It took me a long time to pick up Harper Lee’s sequel of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. The reviews haven’t been the best, especially since Atticus Finch turns out to be a racist like everyone else. Of course, it’s nothing like TKAM both in terms of the storyline and the depth of the story. But it’s still a nice weekend read.

The Chaperone | This is the story of silent movie star Louise Brooks, her chaperone and a summer in New York. The chaperone Cora Carlisle has her very own agenda why she wants to go to New York with Louise. Over the course of a month secrets surface and Cora faces her past. It was a really enjoyable summer read, not my favourite but good for the beach.

The Shadow Year | Another beach read. For some reason I put this book on my Goodreads ‘to read’ list and checked it out at the library over a year later. Please don’t ask me how it ended up on that list. A recommendation on another blog? Maybe. Anyway, to the book: The story is quite gripping, though highly unlikely. It was great for a rainy weekend at home, but nothing that would make you think or teach you something valuable about life. Just – a beach read.

Women In Clothes | I loved ‘reading’ this book! Though it’s less of a story but more like a conversation. It consists of interviews of over 500 women of all ages and social categories. Pictures, stories, style tips – you can find everything in this book. If you love fashion, you will love Women in Clothes as well. If you’re curious: You can find another review on Anoushka’s blog with lots of quotations as well.

What have you been reading in June? Any tips?

Links & Memories 26


Happy weekend – and also happy July (only one more week till my birthday)! I haven’t been online a lot lately, but the past few weeks have definitely been great! Here’s what’s been going on:

Links & Memories

1 | Last weekend my parents came over for a visit. The weather was really bad and felt like autumn almost, but we had a great time with long breakfasts, pizza and a loong museum trip. It was so nice having people around at home and felt really cosy and lovely.

2 | Work is going great at the moment as well. It’s still quite stressful, but I feel like I’m getting the hang of it and actually know what I’m doing (from time to time ;)

3 | I’ve started going to my city’s free outdoor gym this week as well. All summer long you can go to free daily workouts in the park or by the river that are a lot of fun (and did I mention free?). I went three times this week and really hope the weather will stay nice for next week!

4 | Tonight a few of my friends from my old town are coming over for cheese and cocktails and I can’t wait to hang out again, chat and show them where I live! Good times ahead :)

5 | Tomorrow (if the weather stays dry) I’m going hiking with another friend I haven’t seen in ages – also really excited about that. Now that I’ve finished my thesis I’m actually excited about weekends again!

6 | I discovered a really great podcast this week called Love Food. If you’re fed up with diets, and ‘clean eating’ and all that kind of stuff you should definitely check it out – it’s a love letter to food and such a big help if you want to stop controlling what you put into your body.

7 | Another great article I read this week on Refinery 29 on how much your jeans should actually cost: If Your Jeans Are Cheaper Than This, You’ve Got A Problem.

8 | I booked a trip to Amsterdam this week (with two of my friends) in August. It’s only for a weekend but I’m really excited about going again – any tips, please?

I hope you are all having a great (and somewho summery) weekend. What are you guys up to?

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