Wardrobe Economics


I’ve mentioned in my post the other day, that I’ve just read ‘To Die For’. That book is so eye-opening and interesting, that I can’t help but talking about it. In one chapter she mentions an easy option how to get better at (the often expensive) ethical shopping: set a shopping budget. And not only a shopping budget – a yearly budget. Why is that a difference? Well, if you are buying about two items a week, both at about 20 € (more or less). At the end of the year, you will have spend 2080 € on clothes and own 104 new items (who needs all that?).

If you take that money, but instead of buying loads of cheap clothes you are most likely only going to wear a couple of times, you invest in 20 quality items, five for every season. Doing the maths, that means that you can spend about 100 € on every new addition to your wardrobe. You will end the year with 20 new quality items that you actually love wearing and that have been produced under ethical conditions and not even spend more money than you normally do. It’s that simple?

What do you think? Do you set yourself a budget while shopping or do you just go and buy whatever you fancy? (more…)