10 Things You Can Do to Make Someone’s Day – in 1 Hour


1. Bake a cake and bring it to your friends or colleagues.

2. Meet over coffee and listen.

3. Call someone who you know is stressed out and take up one task of their to do list.

4. Go grocery shopping for your elderly neighbours/relatives

5. Put up notes with positive affirmations all over town.

6. Send snail mail.

7. Go through your closet, look for pretty pieces you’re not wearing anymore and give them to your friends.

8. Call your mom.

9. Answer all your unanswered messages. I’m not saying it necessarily makes someone’s day if they get a message from me, but it shows appreciation that you are taking the time to respond.

10. Remember birthdays and try doing something small and special.

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  • Emmali
    April 27, 2015

    This is so nice, I love to make people happy and those are some good ideas :)

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