The Little Things – Fresh Flowers

Very obvious – I love flowers.

I don’t know where that obsession comes from, maybe it’s just because I’m a girl, maybe it’s the smell of them, the way they look, their colour, or because they make a perfect present.

Anyway, I find flowers are so comforting, they can instantly make you happy and bring some joy into your life – total mood boosters.

appreciating flowers by helena on hanna's places appreciating flowers by helena la petite

I took these photos a few days ago on a sunny evening (perfect light), but they sure aren’t the only pictures of flowers I’ve got. My harddrive is full of them, most of those pictures haven’t actually seen the light of day, probably just because I don’t want to flood the internet with a million pretty pictures of flowers.

My favourite flowers have to be hydrangeas and peonies. What are your favourites?appreciating flowers by helena la petiteapprecitating flowers by helena la petite



  • Latrina
    Juni 27, 2013

    Beautiful imagery, Helena. :) I, too, have a mess load of flower photos! And I have flowers in my home just about every week. My favorites are probably Hydrangeas, Delphinium, Lily and Tulips. :)

    • Helena
      Juli 2, 2013

      Thank you, Latrina! :) I love having flowers at home as well!

  • sophie
    Juni 28, 2013

    Love these pictures, my favourites are roses and ranunculus! x

  • Hildi
    Juni 29, 2013

    Hi, I am new here and just wanted to say how pretty these pictures are. Great blog, will come again more often. X

    • hanna
      Juni 29, 2013

      Hey Hildi! The pictures were taken by Helena for this column, they are great right? I’m glad you like my blog :)

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