The Little Things – Living in the Moment

live in the moment by helena la petite

When I went back home last time to see my family I was a bit worried about getting bored, and felt like I might be missing London.

I decided to try my best to enjoy the quietness, and all the other lovely things that come with being back home (good food, relaxing, being outside in the sunshine, reading, etc).

It didn’t take long for me to really enjoy my time there, and surely it wasn’t hard getting used to ‘just relaxing’ (all the time) ;)

So, when it came to going back to London all the things I’m not particularly fond of came to mind. The bus going past in front of my house that it sounds like a plane taking off right next to me, people rushing all the time (although the tube actually goes every couple of minutes), … well, I shouldn’t really go on about it, after all this column is supposed to help us remember the nice things in life.

But that’s the thing – too often we think of the negative things, and our minds are filled with doubt and worry. Although I’m sure that at the same time there are just as many great things happening in our lives that we just don’t see, because we’re too worried about all those other things.

It can be hard appreciating whatever comes your way when it’s not what you’ve anticipated or been hoping for.

BUT I believe there’s always a reason for how things go, and in the end it will turn out to be for your own good. No matter what situation we’re in, let’s try hard to see the positive things, and to fill our minds and hearts with that. With love, appreciation, happiness. Let’s see the beauty of the moment again.

And we can always have a cup of tea and eat some chocolate if we really need the positive things in life to be very obvious.

Let’s learn to love life more, learn to live in the present, and appreciate whatever life throws at us.


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  • Angie
    August 9, 2013


    that’s how it is! we need to remind ourselves every once in a while :)

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