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appreciate homemade scones
And another food post this week – I made scones on the weekend for the first time.
I really love baking, which I guess is partly because I love eating what I’ve created, and also because I’m a sweet person (so I slightly prefer baking over cooking). Of course, you cannot always eat sweet stuff (whereas you obviously have to eat and cook almost every day). I would love to live off cake, muffins, waffles and scones – but alas, I cannot. It is just probably not the best idea in the world.

Homemade Scones

Anyway, as I was saying I made scones this weekend. I always thought the recipe would be hard, but they are actually surprisingly easy to create. If you ever decide to make scones, eat them straight out of the oven while they’re still warm. I love them with cream and strawberries (or strawberry jam). This is actually the traditional way to eat them (have you ever had a British cream tea? Marvelous). But another secret favourite is actually scones with Nutella and cream (see photo). Sounds pretty healthy, huh?  ;) Well, don’t judge me till you tried it.
appreciate homemade scones

No matter whether you’re a sweet or savoury kind of person, I find that spending some time in the kitchen can be relaxing and fun. Plus, food is always a good thing – something we have to appreciate. It doesn’t matter if it is healthy or not, just the process of preparing food is good for the soul and makes me feel more connected to what I am consuming.

I’m sure most of us do anyway, but it’s good to remember that you’re very blessed if you’ve got enough food in your home to feed you whenever you’re hungry (or just feeling like having a snack). So the next time you are beating yourself up about too many unhealthy snacks, remember: Food is joy. It is something to love and enjoy, not to create bad feelings. Preparing a lot of food for myself, cooking and baking has helped me realize that.

What about you guys, are you into cooking/baking? Do you have any cozy eating stories you would love to tell? I’d love to hear!

My name is Helena , I’m a photographer based in London. On my blog I share photography advice and tips, in a non-technical way that’s easy to understand. I want to encourage you to pick up your camera, and enable you to feel confident when taking pictures. 

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  • miss b
    May 29, 2013


    Your scones look delicious and lovely on that pretty plate. I love them with straberry jam and cream but maybe I should try your suggestion with nutella!

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