The Little Things – Sunday Strolls

Appreciate It

Hey guys, it’s Helena and I’m back with another issue of The Little Things. I love putting these together – it really makes me think about the nice things that happen every day. And appreciate them. :)

Appreciate It

Today I want to share a few pictures with you from last Sunday, when I spent the day with a friend wandering around Brick Lane, visiting all the markets around the area – Columbia Road Flower Market, Spitalfields, Sunday Up Market – and eating Bagels (or ‘Beigels’ in its original Jewish spelling). Brick Lane is known for London’s best Bagels, as it used to be an area populated by Jews who ‘invented’ them (or at least made them popular).

It actually was my first time that I had a Bagel on Brick Lane – it was pretty good!

Appreciate It
Appreciate It
Appreciate It

A few more things I loved about Sunday – it was sunny and warm again (after a few days of grey skies and rain), people were sitting in the streets, the smell of flowers, hundreds of stalls of street food (BIG selection), sitting in the park with a freshly squeezed smoothie, stylish shops, people watching (some interesting styles around), …

Overall I just love soaking in the atmosphere of the area.

How did you spend your Sunday? I hope it was relaxing.

Appreciate It

My name is Helena , I’m a photographer based in London. On my blog I share photography advice and tips, in a non-technical way that’s easy to understand. I want to encourage you to pick up your camera, and enable you to feel confident when taking pictures. 



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