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It’s still summer, and I’m still on holiday, so I thought I’d talk a bit about travelling today. Even if it seems like the end of summer for you or you’re back to work, travelling is something you can always talk about.

I feel very lucky that I got to travel quite a lot this summer, and I love looking back on what I experienced.
I also met Hanna in person when she came to London a few weeks ago, which was lovely.
Even if you haven’t been able to travel much (this summer or in general), or can’t take a roadtrip right now or enjoy a beach holiday, at least you can daydream about it.

NZ02 NZ03

I love travelling for a lot of reasons:

1. There are so many different things you can do. Go on an adventure trip, visit a city, have a beach holiday, take a roadtrip, travel the world, …

2. Travelling opens up your mind. I guess this one depends a bit on where you go, but even within your own country there can be different kinds of people and characters.
Going to a country that has a completely different culture to your own can be a bit more intense – being open towards new cultures and traditions can be very eye-opening and inspiring, though.

3. Inspiration is actually my next point. Seeing new places, doing exciting things, eating different food, meeting new people… all these things can be very inspiring.

4. You get to see the world.


These are just a few reasons for why I love exploring the world. I’m sure you can think of many more, and I’d love to hear. Please do share in the comments.

The above photos were taken in New Zealand in December 2011.


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  • Latrina
    September 7, 2013


    Beautiful, Helena! I have always wanted to visit New Zealand… what an extremely gorgeous place. Unlike anything I have ever seen, for sure.

    I can definitely agree with you that travel is important and that it opens a lot new opportunities and experiences. It makes my heart happy to find others who have such a passion for travel as I do. :)

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