On the joys of treating people around you


I love doing little things for people to show that I care about them. There’s something fulfilling about making someone happy, that the happiness comes right back to you.

There are so many small things we can do to show people that we appreciate and care about them.
I’m thinking of giving a loved one a birthday present that I know they will like, and wrapping it up nicely with lots of love involved, or just picking (or buying) some flowers, writing a little love note (and making the card yourself), making dinner or some sweet afternoon treats, picking them up from work, … Whatever comes to your mind will be good.

Oh by the way – the things with birthday presents is, it’s usually only a pleasant experience for you if you know what to get the person. Personally, I can think of a few people in my life where it’s always a struggle to think of something to get them. That’s especially the case with male people ;)
I guess you can always go for the ‘thing that you usually get them’ (if something like that exists) – one of my examples would be a ‘gift voucher for some photos they want taken’.
Any ideas on how to come up with new ideas for those tricky situations?



  • Angie
    July 19, 2013


    what a cute post! I think, if you really don’t know, just ask. I’d rather give someone something they really wanted/needed than something they’ll end up shoving under their beds or something. Also, Pinterest also has really cute thing! When I really don’t have enough money or time to think about it, I’ll just bake them some cupcakes or something and wrap them up all cute! x

    • Helena
      August 1, 2013


      Thanks for the ideas, Angie! Baking will always be one of my favourite presents! :)

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