Lollo Rosso with Mushrooms and Tomatoes


Finally, summer is starting to banish this long and dreary winter (it’s June, after all!). As the temperatures are rising, so is my appetite for a fresh salad. To be honest, I have never been an enthusiastic salad eater, because it has never felt like a real meal to me. However, it has grown on me. And of course, it’s really healthy and good for you (and if you throw in a bun, it’s also satisfying, trust me). Lollo Rosso is one of my favourite variations, because it tastes good and it also looks nice. Somehow, that’s also important. And I’m the biggest lover of tomatoes and mushrooms, so they have to go in, of course. If you want to be extra-fancy, some fresh Parmesan is a great addition as well. Sadly, lots of people thought that, so it was sold out at the grocery store. Next time!


Ingredients: one head of lollo rosso, five small tomatoes, ten common mushrooms (meaning – as many as you like), 1/2 onion, three spoons of sunflower oil, one spoon of balsamic vinegar with mango aroma (but you can use the ordinary balsamico as well), two spoons of milk (1.5 %), provencal herbs, salt and pepper.

First, wash the vegetables. Cut the tomatoes in halves, the mushrooms in slices and the onion in little cubes. Mix the oil, the vinegar and the milk. Season with the salt, pepper and provencal herbs to your liking. Then mix everything together and enjoy!Have a good weekend!


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