Whole Wheat Cinnamon Waffles

I love waffles. I could probably eat some every day (along with pancakes of course). But, waffles aren’t the healthiest food choice in the world, are they? This is a slightly healthier version of my favourite waffle recipe. They aren’t very sweet since I used honey instead of sugar, so you might want to add some sugar if you are more of a sweet tooth. For me it tasted divine with some bananas (which are naturally very sweet). You can just try it!

Make yourself a cup of coffee, bake some waffles, grab your favourite book and have a perfect afternoon!


Ingredients: 250 g whole wheat flour, 80 g honey, 150 g margarine, two eggs, one tablespoon baking soda, 20 ml vanilla extract, 175-200 ml milk.

First, cream the margarine. Then add, the eggs, the honey and the vanilla extract. Mix the baking soda and the flour, then mix it with the rest. Last, add the milk. Bake the waffles with your waffle maker and enjoy.



  • amber
    Mai 9, 2013

    This sounds so delicious. and what beautiful photography! I’ve been wanting to get a waffle maker for so long because I love love LOVE waffles. I guess I’m going to have to now. Bookmarking this!

    • hanna
      Mai 10, 2013

      You should definitely get one, they are so easy and yummy!

  • Latrina
    Mai 10, 2013

    Oh, I love waffles! But hate cleaning the waffle iron afterwards, lol… so I normally only eat them when I’m having breakfast out. :)

    However, I do make pancakes at home! Today I topped them with fresh strawberries instead of loads of butter and syrup.. okay, I had a little syrup! I couldn’t help myself. :) But yes!… so thankful there are ways to make these amazing breakfast items somewhat healthier. :)

    THOSE look amazing by the way!

    • hanna
      Mai 10, 2013

      Oh yes, cleaning the waffle maker is no fun at all! I guess I would have waffles everyday if you wouldn’t have to clean the waffle maker ;).

      I love pancakes as well! And I am really happy that it’s strawberry season again. So delicious (and a little syrup is okay I guess).

  • Jene'
    Mai 10, 2013

    I have been craving waffles for months! I can only find really cheap and small waffle makers at the stores around my house. ::sigh::

  • Dana
    Mai 14, 2013

    looks really delicious!
    I must try it absolutely.

    Liebste Grüße

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