Enjoying Life Week One

enjoying life week one

As I told you before, I have a long list of things I want to do now that I am in my twenties. One of these is to take more pictures of daily life, the other one to enjoy the little things more and focus less on negative aspects (which is easier said than done!). So, to kill two birds with one stone, I decided to start a little photo project on this blog. It’s simply a list I am grateful for doing and experiencing every week. Hopefully my photography skills will improve over time and I will have tons of great pictures at the end of the year. I’m already looking forward to looking back on these posts in a year or two! Why don’t you join in and link up below?

enjoying life week one enjoying life week one

1. I’m thankful for long breakfasts on the balcony with my family. Fresh buns, strawberry jam, orange juice and some tea and I am happy.

2. My last exams for this semester are done, so I get to put these books away (finally)! It’s been the hardest time I ever had with learning for school/university in my life and I am so glad it’s over! I can’t wait to get back into creative and blog projects. In the last few weeks I wrote everything down that I wanted to do and now I’m actually able to start doing it!

3. I enjoy nothing more than evenings in the garden, spent talking and moving around. Back at school I always hated playing badminton, but now without having to do it for the grades, I’m actually really enjoying myself! We aren’t good or competitive or anything, but it’s fun!

What have you been up to this week?


  • Aubrey
    July 27, 2013


    I love the tea and buns photo and the idea of breakfast on the balcony sounds serene. One of these days I might do the very same, while we still have this balcony in this apartment.

  • Angie
    July 30, 2013


    ah, I’ve been wanting to do a photo project for ages! maybe I should do it! love your pics. and yess long breakfasts are the best x

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