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Today I have the pleasure of presenting Courtney’s favourite piece for Everlasting Apparel.
She writes the lovely blog Always Rooney where she shares amazing DIY projects (these shoes are one example for that!). She’s also a great follower of Christ and I always enjoy reading about her travels doing good work all around the world. You should definitely go over and check it out after reading this. Here’s what she has to say:
My favorite piece of clothing I consider Everlasting Apparel is my classic white studded converse. I have had these white converse for seven years now. I love that they are a kid’s size four, I was drawn to them because the kids sizes are a lot cheaper than adults. I still remember that trip to the mall with my mom to pick them out, it was her suggestion I get the kids size..she was the one that taught me all her shopping tips and tricks. I’ve been through other phases with Converse, but I’ve always stayed true to the classic white. One day the idea hit me to add some studs to my converse, after having them for about a year I decided it was okay to spruce them up a bit. It was my first DIY project and has been a classic ever since. I love my white studded Converse because they hold so many memories from high school and now, college. I remember spilling dye on them in chemistry class and I remember throwing them on to go to the pier to watch the waves crash into the sand. I don’t think I can ever get rid of these babes, they are just too good to me.

Thanks so much Hanna for letting me share a piece of my faithful wardrobe with you!

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All pictures kindly taken by Courtney.

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  • Latrina
    July 26, 2013


    Oh, converse are definitely everlasting! Very classic. :) Everyone should own a pair! My husband’s current pair is soo worn out, but he still wears them. I mean — holes and all! haha

    By the way, loving your hair, Courtney! So pretty. :)

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