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This week I am so happy to say that another of my favourite bloggers agreed to take part in this little column of mine. Welcome, Bridget from Deer Circus! She seems to be a really fun gal to go on adventures with, so head on over there, after you read what she has to tell about not one, but three of her favourite thrifted pieces:

I’ve been thrifting for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, my mom would take me to yard sales and her favorite thrift shops on the weekends, and we’d come home with a small pile of goodies — housewares, and clothes, and books, and toys. She instilled in me a desire not only to be frugal, but to relish the process of thrifting, too. It’s an adventure, running your eyes over the aisle and wondering what you might find.

When Hanna sweetly approached me about contributing, I knew i’d have to show you this skirt, which is one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever thrifted. It’s perfect for late night living room dancing and sunny walks downtown. I have collected so many memories while wearing this kaleidoscopic, special lady — and she’s one of several items I daydream about passing onto my future daughter (there will be a film camera in that pile, too.)

And then, oh then, there’s this gingham button-up, which is my most recently thrifted item. I’ve had it for just a week, and it’s already been so good to me. I can’t wait to take it on roadtrips, to backyard barbecues…excuse me while I float away into a sunny, golden-hued reverie.

And last but not least: my couch. while the skirt and button-up were $2 apiece, the couch came to us from craigslist…for free. We’ve had laughing fits on this couch, I’ve edited a wedding or two on her from start to finish, sipped iced coffee and journaled while records played. She’s really, truly a part of our home. i swear, she lives and breathes (and laughs) with us.

All pictures kindly taken by Bridget.


  • aiyana
    Juli 6, 2013

    i love that gingham top! i love this series, I would love to contribute

  • Latrina
    Juli 7, 2013

    Bridget: I love that you and your mother thrifted together when you were young! I, too, have some pretty fond memories of my mother and sisters and I thrifting on saturday mornings. :) I loved those days!

    The skirt is TOO cute, btw!

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