Green Living 101: Ask Away!


About a year ago, when I started dreaming about writing this blog, I planned to focus it solely on green living and environmental issues. That focus has shifted a little bit in the last few months, but I still want sustainability and the  impact we have on the world around us be a big part of this blog. Since it’s such a broad topic, I thought I would best ask you what you are most interested in learning about and what kind of posts you would like to read in the future.


So, I would highly appreciate if you could just take a minute or two to answer some of my questions, either in the comments or you could just send me an e-mail here.

# What topic are you most interested in?
# What kind of posts would you like to read? Possibilities would be for example giving you background information on the most important issues, creating challenges for all of us to change something about our daily life, inspiring stories about other people and the way they are helping the environment, maybe home-made beauty ideas…
# Do you have any specific questions? I would really like to start an advide column (something like this only about environmental issues), so it would be great if you could just ask away!

Thanks so much for your help! I’m already looking forward to your answers and to creating something new!

PS: Helena is not an active part of Hanna’s Places anymore, but she has allowed me to use some of her pictures in my posts. These are two of them (the artwork is by me). Yay and thanks!


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