Wholegrain Walnut Bread

homemade wholegrain walnut bread

This year, I started dreaming about autumn sometime in the middle of August. It was a hot day, we were on holiday in England (there are still so many pictures I want to share by the way – soon!) and it was one of those perfect days spend doing nothing but relaxing.
I thought about which recipes I wanted to try and one that sounded especially autumn-ly and delicious was walnut bread. I’ve been experimenting with bread baking (not as easy as you might think) this year and it’s been really interesting learning the do’s and don’ts.

So, a few weeks later on the first autumn weekend of the year (it was cold and wet outside, so perfect if you just want to have a cozy day at home), I tried my first walnut bread. I don’t know if it is because of the nuts, but the smell alone was worth baking this bread. Since there’s honey in it it, it’s a little on the sweet side, so in my opinion it tastes best with honey and cream cheese. Fresh out of the oven it’s also delicious without any garnish, just on it’s own.

Here’s the recipe:

Ingredients: 500 g wholemeal flour, 150 g walnuts, 30 g honey, pinch of salt, rosemary, 50 ml milk, 50 ml olive oil, yeast, pepper.

First, mix the flour and the yeast. Mix it thouroughly with 250 ml of warm water and wait about 30 minutes. Roast the walnuts with the honey and the rosemary in a small pan. Mix it with the salt and pepper and let it cool. Mix the cooled walnuts, the warm milk and the oil with the rest of the dough and knead for at least 15 minutes. Form a bread and put it on a baking sheet. Wait for another 20 minutes, then you can go ahead and bake it for about 40 minutes at 200° C.




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