Ingredients for a quiet evening at home

Ingredients for a quiet evening at home

A quiet evening at home: Aren’t we all longing for that? No matter who you talk you, everybody is stressed out. Between university and work, hobbies, blogging, exercising and relationships, down-time just to relax can sometimes come a little short. So why don’t we all just take an evening off this week?  Just to relax and do exactly what we want to. Here’s my tips and tricks how to make that evening as enjoyable as possible.

Ingredients for a perfect quiet evening at home

+ Change into comfy clothes. I’ve always been one of those people who immediately change into sweat-pants and a comfy sweater once I’m home and I doubt that will ever change. Add some wool socks and your outfit is perfect for a quiet evening at home.

+ Put on your favourite autumn music, something acoustic and relaxing. My favourites at the moment are Keaton Henson, Bear’s Den and Daughter. Or you just put on a mixtape and discover some amazing new artists.

+ Apply a face mask for glowing skin. Especially in the colder months it is so important to help your skin against dryness. You can either buy one or create your own with organic ingredients from your kitchen. That’s the beautiful thing about a quiet evening at home: You don’t have to look presentable to anyone.

+ I know exercising isn’t everybody’s favourite (I hated it until very recently), but once you’ve started moving more, it can actually be very relaxing (everybody says that, but it’s true!). Last week I discovered a great YouTube-channel with tons of Pilates videos to choose from, each about twenty minutes long. It’s in German, but you can give it a try anyway.

+ After relaxing with a bit of Pilates, it’s time for a snack. Whether you want to really treat yourself and go all out on your favourite comfort food (this Raspberry Ricotta CROISSANT French Toast looks pretty amazing in my opinion). Or you try something healthy and good for your body. I’ve wanted to try zucchini noodles for ages, for example.

Do what you never find the time to do

+ Pour yourself a cup of your favourite tea – something fresh with loads of lemon and ginger for example.

+ Bake some cookies and eat them all by yourself (maybe not after the croissant, although you can do what you like of course).

+ Cozy up with a warm blanket and light some candles.

+ Watch your favourite TV show. Start a new knitting project as you get sucked back into the show.

+ Start reading that book that’s been waiting on your shelf for ages.

+ Whatever you do though, turn off your computer and mobile phone. Don’t check your mails or think of your to-do list. Just relax.

+ If you’re feeling lonely in the evening, just call your best friends and make your relaxing evening a little get-together. You’ll enjoy it even more, in your relaxed state of mind.

What else do you like to do if you have a whole evening to yourself?

All linked products are either handmade, fairtrade and produced in an eco-friendly way (some even all of those three). It’s nice to know that even ‘good’ things can be pretty!


  • Victoria | Oh So Pretty
    October 28, 2013


    Oh Hanna, this sounds absolutely divine!! I would like to do every single thing on this list right now!

    Christmas tea? I’ve never heard of that before – I’ll have to look that up! :)

    • hanna
      October 28, 2013


      Really? Maybe that’s something only available in Germany? That’s funny :D
      I guess it’s a fruit tea with some apple, cinnamon and other christmassy flavours. You can buy it at every store here and it’s pretty awesome :)

  • Sally
    October 28, 2013


    This sounds completely perfect, especially right now as we’ve just had a big storm in London!
    I’ve recently tried to allow myself a bit more time just for me and chilling out, and it makes me feel so much better! I like having a quiet afternoon to do some crafty projects, but hardly ever find the time!

    • hanna
      October 28, 2013


      I’m the same! It’s so important just to take an afternoon of for yourself. It always leaves me energized and full of new ideas, what makes my work days better days as well!

  • danielle
    October 28, 2013


    I want this every afternoon!! Definitely going to take an afternoon to relax and pamper myself :)

  • Latrina
    October 30, 2013


    Heck yes! This is my kind of comfort day. Actually, since I have somewhat of a stressful job, I have made it a point to have more of these sort of days. At least once a week!

    When are we having our Gilmore Girl marathan, girl!? ;)

    • hanna
      October 30, 2013


      I wish I could just hop on a plane and westart a Gilmore marathon! ;) This would be great :)

      I hope you relax a bit this week and maybe find a job less stressful.

  • Michelle
    October 30, 2013


    I love this collection. All feels very zen and makes me want to pull my comfy clothes on and curl up on the couch with a book or my Kinfolk magazine.

    • hanna
      October 30, 2013


      That’s what I would like to do as well! I still have to get my first Kinfolk magazine though…

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