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Hey there! Today’s post is one I’ve been really looking forward to publishing for some time now. I don’t know if you have heard about it yet, but a few month ago the two friends and health enthusiasts Allie Lehman and Mary Trenda have started a blog called Considering You. In my opinion it is one of the best and most informative blogs on whole foods, diet (in an ‘eat good stuff’ and not ‘lose weight’ way) and health topics in general out there. That’s why I am so happy that they agreed to answer a few of my questions and do this little interview. Enjoy reading it below.

When and why did you start living healthy? Why is that topic so close to your heart, that you even started a blog?

MARY: I started living a healthy lifestyle in college when I began studying nutrition as my degree. I completely overhauled my diet to a whole foods philosophy when I got married. This topic is what I live a breathe. Besides my faith it is my biggest passion in life. As a Dietitian I desire is to share real nutrition knowledge in hopes of helping people find healing and better quality of life.

ALLIE: I started living a healthy lifestyle last February! After years of brushing off awful symptoms and gaining weight, my sister (who has 2 autoimmune disorders) encouraged me to try a gluten-free lifestyle. I tried it for two weeks and was sold. My migraines disappeared. I had so much more energy. My immune system got stronger. I’ve been trying to live a healthy lifestyle ever since.

What is the biggest change you have noticed in your well-being since you cut out bad food from your diet?

MARY: I have energy, better digestion, and clearer skin. Those are the biggest changes I have seen, and for me they made a world of difference!

ALLIE: My Migraines are gone and my immune system is so strong. I used to get sick so often and usually had 3-4 sinus infections every year. Since going gluten-free (and now eliminating a lot of sugar and grain), I feel 100% different.

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What’s your opinion on organic food? Do you prefer organic or locally produced?

MARY: My husband and I try to buy 90-100% organic. We might be a smaller percentage of the population, but we feel food is our medicine and we try to prioritize the quality of food that we buy and consume. We prefer both organic and local. We try to choose the highest quality choice that has traveled the least amount of distance to get to us. Local and in season is always a good choice.

ALLIE: I definitely prioritize local. I feel like most of the farms that I’ve gotten to know locally practice organic farming methods (even if they don’t get certified). I love that they only travel a few miles to get the produce in our hands and I’m supporting my community.

Do you promote an eco-friendly lifestyle in other aspects of your life as well? Do you have a tip for anyone who wants to make a small change in his lifestyle?

MARY: My whole health lifestyle is simply that, a lifestyle. It carries into household cleaners and beauty products. My advice for someone who wants to make a small change in his or her lifestyle would be to change one thing, make it stick, then move on to change something else. Do not try to overhaul your entire life in a day. Commit to small changes and trust me, every area of your life will begin to shift into a healthier area with time.

ALLIE: To be honest? I’m still learning a lot. I still get my nails done (ew harsh chemicals) and I’m not really that great at recycling. The biggest difference now? I THINK about those things and decide for myself what I can prioritize at that time. A mother running a household has different decisions than I do and someone who just got laid off of their job has different things to worry about. We all need to make these decisions for ourselves!


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  • trishie
    May 24, 2013


    I share their views re. organic local produce too. Local and in season is definitely a good choice

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