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If you have been a reader of my former blog, you probably know that I love music and creating mixtapes for others to enjoy. I had to part with some topics that really didn’t fit the theme of green and sustainable living, but saying goodbye to my music feature was a little bit too hard.

Since I still wanted to change things up a little bit, I came up with the idea to create these mixes solely with songs I found on Noisetrade. Noisetrade is a pretty great concept, where artists can upload a few songs or some special recordings. You can download them for free or pay as much as you like to support the artist. It’s a great way for less-known artists to get some attention and for you to get to know tons of new music. You can even search for the artists you already love and find similar ones. Just like paradise for a music lover like me. And well, supporting smaller artists (and legal downloading) is a little part of sustainable living, right? So here you go, the first mix.

1. Austin Basham – Lost at Sea
2. Robert Francis – Little Girl
3. Rachel Yamagata – Line
4. Said The Whale – The Light is You
5. Passenger – Feather on the Clyde
6. Open Country – Down The Line
7. William Fitzsimmons – Beautiful Girl
8. History of Painters – Only What the Spring Can Bring


  • Latrina
    April 30, 2013


    Oh wow. What a brilliant concept for a website! I never knew Noisetrade existed… as a supporter of music, I really admire this.

    I’m listening to your playlist now, I have heard (and love) a few of these artists but some of them I have not… looking forward to listening! :)

    • hanna
      May 1, 2013


      I know, right? And you can literally lose hours browsing the site and looking for new artists…it’s addiciting!

  • Helena
    May 1, 2013


    I’ve never heard of Noisetrade before, either. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing :) And I’m glad you continue to create music mixes, I always like them. While I love music I’m really bad at finding new songs I like – so this is really helpful. x

    • hanna
      May 1, 2013


      Yes, I just couldn’t stop creating mixes. I really like yours, too though! Noisetrade is also a really great way to find new music because you can see similar artists and just explore really easily.

  • Carissa
    May 1, 2013


    I love your blog so much! Such a great idea and such great music selection as well :) I have been a fan of William Fitzsimmons for a while but kinda forgot about him. Thanks for sharing!!

    • hanna
      May 1, 2013


      You’re welcome! I really love William Fitzsimmons, I think he is one of the few musicians I can listen to all. the. time!

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