A Bright Idea – Stop The Water While Using Me


Today I want to bring another great eco-friendly brand to you, Stop The Water While Using Me! They’re from Hamburg and they sell organic cosmetics like shampoo and shower gel, but also toothpaste and even a toothbrush. All that without using silicones, paraffins and synthetic fragrances, preservatives or other resources that are mineral oil based (oh, and also without animal experiments). The goods are sold in refillable packaging. You can practically do nothing wrong from an eco-conscious point of view.

You might wonder – why is it called Stop The Water While Using Me? According to their website it’s supposed to raise awareness to the incredible amounts of water we waste everyday. Great, right? And I think the design is just really stylish, I would love to have it in my bathroom and can’t wait to try it soon. Only downpoint – it’s a little on the pricey side (not so good for a poor student like me?). They justify their prices that all ingredients are certified organic – the citrus fruits are from a small family business in Portugal for example. Well, you can’t say anything against that, right?

Will you try it?


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  • siobhan
    May 26, 2013


    I love their branding, so stylish. I always moan at my boyfriend when he leaves the tap on while he cleans his teeth, so maybe I should get him some of this stuff!

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