What I am thankful for right now

Practising Thankfulness

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany, but nevertheless I think that just sitting down for a moment and counting your blessings is so important everyday. I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed with work and university and well, life in general, this week, and just sitting down writing this list has made me realize (again) how grateful I can actually be. Here’s what I’m thankful for/happy about at the moment:

Friends and Family

Obvious. Their endless support. Making life a happier place.  Starting new traditions with new friends. The fact that Skype and What’s App make it so much easier to reconnect with old friends. And getting to visit one of my best friends next weekend (I can’t wait).

Everyday Life

Getting on so well with my room-mates (countless knitting and movie marathons prove that). Maybe getting the opportunity to study in Scotland for one semester. Having found an exciting part time job. Still having time to read and create even though my schedule is packed. Getting back into journaling regularly.

The Season

Putting up the Christmas decorations this weekend. Getting to listen to Christmas tunes all day long. Thinking of presents for everybody. Feeling the excitement for Christmas in the air. Finally watching It’s A Wonderful Life again. Going ice skating next week. Visiting the Christmas market for the first time. Getting to wear my favourite winter coats and scarves everyday.


Having found a church I can settle and grow in. Being part of a new Communications team, meaning I get to write and work with social media for my church (yay! The first meeting was yesterday and I’m still feeling giddy). Knowing that God loves me everyday, no matter what I do.

This Blog

Having found a creative outlet I can be totally free with. Collaborating with new and old friends. Getting to meet all of you. Getting to experiment and share it.


What about you? What are you thankful for at the moment? And happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

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