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I know we technically have a week of November left, but somehow I’m already really in the Christmas spirit, so I don’t really feel like November and autumn anymore (I know we say that every year – but can you believe it’s almost 2014?). I haven’t really been blogging much in the last few weeks (although I still love it), there’s just been a lot of other great things going on in ‘real’ life. Since I love lists, here’s a little of what’s life been like lately, inspired by Freya:


Reading | I’ve really been into Darling Magazine lately. I only recently discovered them, but I love every article that’s getting posted. Good thing it’s only once a day…

Watching| I just finished watching The Edge of Love and it was really good, I can only recommend it. It’s a love story based on the life of Dylan Thomas, the Welsh poet. It’s beautifully shot and perfect for these melancholy rainy days at the moment.

Creating | I’ve had a few orders for handmade scarves at the moment, so I’m knitting away! I recently discovered a new yarn consisting of 100 % merino wool and I love it so much, it’s the softest yarn I’ve ever used. I’d sure love to make some more scarves (or hats, socks, blankets…) this winter, so if you want your own, just shoot me an e-mail  here with and I can start working on something for you!

Cooking | I’m still really into soups and stews at the moment. Two weeks ago I tried this recipe by Gwyneth Paltrow and I already cooked it twice it’s so good.

Listening | Thanks to these guys, I finally discovered Lord Huron and have now been listening non-stop.

Dreaming | Of Christmas and decorating my apartment. Last year I wasn’t really in the mood to decorate, so this year will be the first time in my own apartment and I can hardly wait!

Pinning | I’m putting together my wish list for Christmas on Pinterest this year and it’s fun putting together a list of timeless and sustainable pieces that I would want to keep for the rest of my life. Or at least, the next few years.

Trying | To find the perfect Christmas cookie recipe this winter. The season has only just begun, so I have a few more weeks to go.

Practising | Narrowing down my closet and the stuff I own even more. Decluttering life is still very high on my agenda.

Enjoying | Lots of time with friends at the moment. This means I have less time to blog or work on personal projects, but to be honest I’m totally okay with that.



  • Corina
    November 26, 2013


    Oh it’s just amazing how November came and gone so fast right?
    I’m searching for a perfect christmas cookie recipe as well. when you find it please do share!

    • hanna
      November 26, 2013


      I will – definitely! and if you find one you have to tell me as well :)

  • Sally
    November 27, 2013


    I know, 2014 has come around so fast, and it still sounds so futuristic to me!
    It sounds like you’ve had a pretty lovely November – I kinda like it when it gets cold in the run up to Christmas, it’s Jan & Feb that aren’t so much fun :)

    • hanna
      November 27, 2013


      yes you’re right! i’m totally into snow and coziness inside in december, but come january/february i just want to get out of the cold!!

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